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Tired of the Same Fundraiser Prize Programs?

By Clay Boggess on May 10, 2012
Tired of the Same Fundraiser Prize Programs?

Why your fundraising incentives need an overhaul

Many people are tired of the same elementary school fundraiser prize programs every year. Are there any incentive plans that both parents and students can get excited about? Unfortunately parents end up rolling their eyes once they see the prize brochure inside the student packet.

Students are eager to sell right after the kickoff, but many parents have mixed feelings. They know that they can simply buy something similar at the dollar store, yet they don’t want to disappoint their child. After all, they can justify it because the money raised is going back to the school. But perhaps you may be considering other options for the following reasons:

Parent Apathy about Fundraising Prize Plans

Since the parents usually do the majority of the selling, it’s easy to see why they don’t want to participate. Even though their children may initially be excited about the prizes, is that reason enough for parents to sell, regardless? Some will, but most don’t. It’s no wonder that many schools report participation as low as 15-20%. There may be other reasons for the low participation rate; however uninspiring prize programs appear to play a major role.

Fundraiser Incentives Discourage Most Students

Are students tired of the same prize programs that most school fundraising companies offer? Many older students would probably say yes. They've learned over time that to win the bigger and better prizes they have to sell a lot of items out of their brochure. They eventually discover the same thing that their parents already knew. The cheaper prizes at the lower levels aren't worth selling for and the better prizes are too hard to obtain.

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Prize Programs Target the Younger Sellers

Most elementary school sales are consequently carried out by parents of younger primary age students. These parents are still relatively new to the school and are usually more willing to help out. Their children are naively excited about the prizes and thus push their parents to sell.

It appears that most fundraiser prize programs are geared more towards the younger students. Just think what could happen to your sales if everyone became excited?

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