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2 Ways to Reward Your Big Fundraising Prize

By Clay Boggess on Feb 25, 2010
2 Ways to Reward Your Big Fundraising Prize

How to make your sales award ceremony memorable

You have a limited budget to entice your students to bring in additional sales. As a result, you want to be careful with your big prize purchase. After careful consideration, you make your selection and feel confident students will be excited about it. You’ve even discovered that it’s what everyone’s been talking about anyway. Your investment pays off and your school ends up experiencing a successful fundraiser.

However, now that you've selected your big fundraising prize, how will you give it away? Should you incorporate a grand prize drawing or give it to the top seller? Believe it or not, the method is as important as the prize itself.

Grand Prize Drawing


  • Everyone who reaches a predetermined sales amount minimum amount has a chance to win the grand prize.
  • Seller participation increases because more people will have a chance to win by reaching the minimum requirement.
  • You can still entice the bigger sellers by putting their names in additional times for more items sold.


  • Students who sell the most aren’t guaranteed to win, even though they have the greatest chance.
  • Some may stop selling once they reach the minimum because they still have a chance to win.

Top Seller Prize


  • Everyone knows the person who sells the most is guaranteed to win the big prize.
  • More students will work harder by selling additional items because they know only the person who sells the most will win.


  • This may turn off some students who may not think they can sell enough to compete to win the big fundraising prize.

Before deciding which approach to use, you may want to consult with several people first. Who knows, you may end up choosing the opposite way you did it the previous year just to keep it interesting.

How would you present your big fundraising prize?

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