Our Participant Information Letter

Steps for fundraising participants

The participant fundraising information letter is provided in English and Spanish and is placed inside each participant packet for larger school wide groups and is emailed as a PDF to smaller group sponsors.

The letter is a summary of what participants need to know about your fundraiser. Remember to ask your participants to show it to those who may also be able to help them make sales.

Your participant letter will include information on the following:

1. Your Brochure

A quick-glance summary of the type of brochure being sold, including a couple of brief description points, is provided at the top of the page.

2. Online Selling

If your fundraiser has an online store, your participants will receive your school ID number to use for our online store.

3. The Fundraiser Purpose

A concise explanation of why the sale is taking place is provided so participants will understand where the money will be used.

4. Each Participant's Goal

The participant goal is the number of items each participant needs to sell in order for the group to reach its financial objective.

5. Steps to Follow

Step by step instructions are provided that allow participants to:

  • Complete the order form properly.
  • Know who to make checks payable to.
  • See when the order forms and money need to be turned in by.
  • Understand the procedure for reporting any missing or damaged merchandise.

6. The Prize Program

Your participants will receive a brief explanation of what their participants can win and how to qualify for the prize incentives.

7. Additional Incentives

Information may also be provided about any additional incentives being offered.

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