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School Fundraising Feature: Reptile Adventure

By Clay Boggess on May 17, 2018
School Fundraising Feature: Reptile Adventure

How a wild and educational show encourages students to fundraise

Crikey! School fundraisers can be quite the adventure for students, parents and teachers. Keep the adventure alive by bringing alligators, snakes, skinks and more to your school for the ultimate, hands-on learning experience. The Reptile Adventure Big Event Prize Program helps you get more students selling by offering an accessible and exciting culmination to your school fundraising program.

What is the Reptile Adventure program?

The Reptile Adventure program is a live and interactive nature show that puts real live reptiles right in front of students. They’ll get to feel slick and scaly snake skin and hard tortoise shells while learning about the four major groups of reptilian animals. From pythons to monitor lizards, students will be able to get up close and personal with (safe!) animals under the guidance of an experienced and educated handler.

How will the Reptile Adventure benefit my school?

School fundraising programs that are seeking higher participation than years past will benefit tremendously from the Reptile Adventure program. Students can attend this experience with a low item requirement of just five items, which makes it easy for students to get involved with selling and supporting the school’s fundraiser. A low item requirement has been shown to encourage students who wouldn’t normally participate in a fundraiser to get involved, perhaps for the first time. Increasing the number of student sellers is one of the best strategies for getting bigger school fundraising results than ever.

Will the Reptile Adventure still encourage higher sales?

School fundraising ideas that include incentives for higher sales tend to generate higher profits. While Big Event Prize Programs, like the Reptile Adventure, have a low barrier to entry, they’re also designed to promote higher sells by offering tiered incentives. For example, students who sell 16 items will get a front row seat and meet the reptile trainer, while students who sell 100 items will get these benefits plus a role as an assistant, a Reptile Adventure hat, and their own photo with a reptile. You can rest assured that a Reptile Adventure will still encourage students to do their best when it comes to fundraising.

Creative Fundraising Ideas with the Reptile Adventure

School fundraisers will appreciate the educational nature of this engaging prize program. The Reptile Adventure is a particularly beneficial prize program for fundraisers focused on classroom needs, like textbooks, lab equipment, or even an educational STEM-focused field trip. You can craft effective messaging around how this fundraiser will not only help meet a critical need, but also create a fun and engaging educational opportunity for students to get up close and personal with animal science.

Integrate the Reptile Adventure experience into classroom curriculum if all of your students are able to attend. Biology classes are especially well-suited for discussing the unique characteristics of reptiles, and students will be excited to share what they learned from the prize program experience.

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