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How to Reach Fundraising Goals through Group Unity

By Clay Boggess on Aug 16, 2012
How to Reach Fundraising Goals through Group Unity

Reach your group's sales goals by staying unified.

Some groups know how to reach fundraising goals better than others. Groups that achieve their goal understand that raising money becomes much easier if they're united. The question is, how do we achieve unity? To ensure that your organization is unified, you must ask yourself the following questions.

How committed are your members? Don't put the chicken before the egg. Before considering a sales project, ensure you know how committed your members are to your goals and objectives.

In other words, do your members believe in the group's direction and overall vision? Are their needs being met within the group? Once you know that your group is unified and willing to work together, you can start discussing a sales project.

Common Fundraising Goal

Can you get your group behind the same sales goal? Your team may have various objectives. The needs of some members will be apparent, while others may require some thought. The issue may be prioritizing your goals and determining what to tackle first. It may also be a good idea to ask your group members what they think. Make a list and do a survey. On the other hand, if you want to make the decision yourself, ensure everyone's on board with your goal.

Have a Sales Kickoff Meeting

Finally, have an organized kickoff meeting once you're ready to start. This will ensure everyone's on the same page and knows what needs to be accomplished.

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Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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