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When to Raise the Super Party Sales Goal

By Clay Boggess on Nov 17, 2011
When to Raise the Super Party Sales Goal

How to know when to increase your super party admission goal

Elementary schools that use our Big Event Super Party prize program know their students need to sell at least 8 items to gain admission to the party. When we initially designed our big event fundraising prize programs, our objective was to provide students with something really fun yet easy to qualify for. Our big event incentive plans have proven to increase participation to where most students are reaching the 8 item goal. In other words, they've reached the sales saturation point.

So, to keep sales growing, schools have the opportunity to raise their super party sales goal from 8 items to 12. You may want to continue switching to a 12 item super party program when:

1. You've Reached Fundraiser Sales Saturation

What should you do when most students continue to reach the 8 item goal? In this case, graduating up to a 12 item goal may make sense. If students and parents are already convinced that the super party is a great motivator, they probably won't have much trouble selling an additional 4 items. Make sure to communicate that you are asking your students to reach a higher fundraiser goal so the school can raise more money.

2. Students Stop Selling After Reaching the Goal

It’s great if most of your students are reaching their 8 item goal. However, if you find that most students stop selling once they reach the 8 item goal, perhaps it’s time to consider setting a higher fundraising goal.

Deciding between an 8 and a 12 item super party comes down to balancing the pros and cons for your school. Will we get more students to participate if your goal is lower? On the other hand, can we make even more money by setting a higher sales goal? Only you can make that determination.

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