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How to Effectively Promote Your School Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on Nov 11, 2010
How to Effectively Promote Your School Fundraiser

The ABC's of school fundraising promotion

To grow your sale you should be asking yourself 2 key questions: One, since your students are your biggest money-making asset, how are you going to get as much of them to participate in your campaign as possible?

And two, what’s the best way to get those who have already sold in the past to raise even more money?

What follows are our promotional ABCs that will help you to maximize your student participation so you can reach your financial goals:

A. Hold Students Accountable to Selling

Regularly check in with your students on their selling progress. Ask how many of them have been out selling. If you are sponsoring a small group, like a high school band or sports team, talk about the fundraiser during class or gym. Some sponsors even check order forms. If you are sponsoring a larger group like an elementary school, make sure your teachers are directly checking in with their students. This may require meeting with your teachers prior to your kickoff to explain your goals and how they will benefit from the sale. It's important that everyone understands that they'll be expected to move towards their sales goal.

B. Broadcast Your Fundraiser Daily

Make sure you're announcing your sale every day so everyone's reminded to sell. It is also important to be creative by asking things like, “which students have already reached their goal?” or “who’s planning to be the top seller?” It doesn’t hurt to use this time to also announce any additional surprise incentives that the students didn’t previously know about. This communicates a powerful message to the students to keep selling because there may be even more surprises to follow.

C. Be a Cheerleader to the End

Good sponsors are also cheerleaders. Positively encourage your students to keep selling so they can win. Offer prize drawings to give the students who are selling a chance to win extra prizes or special privileges. Your sellers can turn in prize coupons and be in a drawing. By using this approach, other students will want to jump in so they can be a part of the drawing as well.

Effectively promoting your school fundraiser will always leads to an increase in sales.

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