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Increase Fundraising Sales by Using Prize Coupons

By Clay Boggess on Aug 18, 2014
Increase Fundraising Sales by Using Prize Coupons

How to use prize coupons to boost sales

You can further increase fundraising sales by having periodic prize drawings. This is simple and easy to implement and it doesn’t have to cost you anything either.

You can provide a prize drawing coupon sheet inside each student's packet and every time they sell 5 items from their brochure they get to turn in a signed coupon for a chance to win prizes or special privileges. Periodically throughout your sale, you can pull more students names out of your drawing box and announce the winners. This way, you are not just reminding your students about your sale; you're actually motivating them to sell and to keep selling.

Another advantage to using prize coupons is you're also getting a gauge on how your fundraiser is progressing based on the number of coupons being turned in. Most of the time momentum will build as the fundraiser progresses because students will see their peers winning prizes. This is great peer to peer advertising. Here are 2 additional things to consider.

1. Decide How to Handle the Coupons

You can either remove the coupons from the drawing box after each drawing or leave them in until the end of your sale. Regularly removing them will level the playing field for everyone, whether they've sold anything or not. Simply letting the coupons build up over time gives people who continue to sell the chance to accumulate coupons and increase their chance of winning.

2. Addressing Bogus Coupon Submissions

You may be concerned about students attempting to cheat the system by turning in ‘bogus coupons’ when they didn’t actually sell anything. If this is the case, explain to the students that instead of giving out prizes right away, you'll reward their prizes once their order forms and money envelopes have been turned in. You can simply hold onto the names that you pull out during the sale and cross-check them with the submitted order forms.

Improve fundraiser sales without using money

By using daily prize drawings, not only will your student have more fun, you could possibly add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

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