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3 Reasons Principal Fundraiser Involvement Works

By Clay Boggess on Feb 10, 2015
3 Reasons Principal Fundraiser Involvement Works

Why your principal should be invested in your sale

Elementary school principals can prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to fundraising. The trick is to know how to leverage their support so that it benefits your sales efforts.

Students will sell because they want to win the prizes and parents will help out because it’s their child’s school. And you can make a difference if you’re creatively motivating your students to sell on a daily basis. However you and your committee can only do so much.

Principal fundraiser involvement has been proven to take selling to another level because principals can add certain unique elements to your campaign. Here are 3 reasons why you should not just seek your principal’s approval but go a step further and get them to actively participate in your fundraising campaign.

1. Principal Leadership Reinforces Credibility

A great way to add credibility to your sale is to ask the principal to introduce it to your students at your kickoff assembly. If the students hear from the principal first, they’ll know that your fundraiser is a priority because the leader of the school is behind it. It’s probably a good idea to let them know what you want them to talk about. For instance, you’ll probably want them to discuss the purpose for your sale, how long they have to sell and what the financial goal is. Then have the principal introduce you so you can discuss how things are going to work.

2. Principal Fundraiser Involvement Adds Accountability

Principal involvement may help add a sense of accountability, especially if you get them involved in the daily announcements. For example, we recommend providing a unique message to the principal to share with the students every day to keep them engaged. Here are some questions they can ask:

  • How many of you have sold at least 5 items?
  • Who’s already qualified for the grand prize drawing?
  • How many of you have asked your parents to take the brochure to work?

3. Principals Can Make Fundraising Suspenseful

Ask the principal to do something fun and exciting if the school reaches their fundraising goal. For instance, you can ask the principal to wear a silly wig for a day or come to school in their pajamas. Make sure you have them talk about it at your kickoff meeting as well as throughout the sale. Whatever it is that they do, your students should be motivated to sell more so they can see the principal do something fun.

Principal fundraiser involvement has helped many schools reach or exceed their sales goals. The question is how can you get yours involved?

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