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An Idea to Boost Parent Fundraising Involvement

By Clay Boggess on Jul 31, 2015
An Idea to Boost Parent Fundraising Involvement

How to get more parents involved and increase sales

There are basically 2 steps to generating enthusiasm for your elementary school fundraiser. One is to promote it to your students. This can be done in a variety of ways, with the kickoff being the most effective. The second is to connect with your parents. Most will agree that getting your students interested in your fundraiser is the easy part.

Yet even though you may feel optimistic after getting your students excited at your launch meeting, that’s only the beginning. Your sale will never reach its full potential unless you’re also able to reach your parents. They’ll make the decision on whether their students actually participate our not. Here’s an idea that may help boost parent fundraising involvement.

Promote Your Fundraiser Using Before and After Photos

Consider using visual aids to help generate interest for your vision. People are more inclined to want to support something that they can see the end results of. Let’s say that you want to raise money for a new school playground. The before shot is easy. Simply go out and take a picture of what the playground area looks like now. However the after shots may require some professional image design and rendering. This will probably be necessary since you’ll need design plans anyway.

The next step is to transfer your before and after images to poster boards, along with some information about your fundraiser, and place them in key areas around your school. Be sure to also present the poster at your back to school night meeting as well. You’ll have the attention of most, if not all of your parents all at one time.

Communicate Your Fundraising Goals and Objectives

Make sure that you describe what your intentions are on your promotional posters. Parents will want to know the details. How much money needs to be raised and what is the purpose? Don’t just assume that the pictures of your playground will be enough. Also, come up with a catchy title phrase like “The Smith Elementary Playground Project – Help Us Improve Your Student’s School Experience (in smaller font underneath)”.

And perhaps the most important thing is to include how much each student will need to sell in order to reach your fundraising goal. With everyone working together to reach a common sales amount, your school will raise a lot of money.

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