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How to Make Online Fundraisers Work for You

By Clay Boggess on Dec 3, 2013
How to Make Online Fundraisers Work for You

Tips to help you maximize your online sales

Purchasing items online has become a well-accepted way to buy. People have busy schedules, and online shopping is a fast and convenient way to acquire goods. After all, the items are delivered right to their doorstep, so why wouldn’t they prefer to make an online purchase?

How is it then that some schools successfully raise thousands of dollars online and others don’t? Maybe it’s because some sponsors aren’t convinced that online selling is effective. After all, the majority of the money has historically been made by selling out of a brochure and perhaps they aren’t convinced yet.

Another reason is perhaps they aren’t sure how to incorporate online selling into their fundraiser. However, the ultimate goal is to maximize both brochure and online sales because they really do complement each other. Here's how groups can increase sales using online fundraisers.

Utilize Online Sales Tools

Groups can benefit from the additional money made through online sales. However, the program must be implemented correctly. Our sponsors receive step by step instructions on how to integrate online selling into their sale. The goal is to get as many students to register as possible. Registered students receive prize credit and the school receives profit from their online sales. Each group is encouraged to provide the instruction letter to their parents.

How to Promote Online Fundraisers

The online selling process should be discussed at the kickoff as well as throughout the fundraiser. Once registered, sellers need to consistently be reminded to:

  • Send emails inviting friends and family to visit the online store
  • Share their online ordering information with people they come in contact with
  • Use social media to get the word out

Track Online Fundraiser Progress

Sponsors should also regularly update their students on their online sales progress. This will encourage additional selling. Not only should students know how the entire school is doing, but whom the top 5 to 10 students are as well. Some school fundraising companies will provide the group with online access to their specific internet sales, or requests for this information can be made by the sponsor to the company.

We know which groups benefit the most from online sales. They constantly monitor and share their online sales progress.

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