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2 No-Cost Ways to Improve Brochure Fundraiser Sales

By Clay Boggess on Jul 15, 2014
2 No-Cost Ways to Improve Brochure Fundraiser Sales

Increase sales without those expensive prizes

Are you really satisfied with the amount of money your campaigns have been bringing in? Like many sponsors, you’d like to find ways to improve your sales results but have a limited spending budget to invest in additional prize incentives. It makes sense that more students would probably sell if you offered them, but you just aren’t sure of the return on your investment.

Nevertheless, even though you may not want to spend money for things like top seller prizes, you still want to be able to motivate your students to sell more. Yet can you actually have your cake and eat it too? The answer is actually yes. Here are 2 ways that you can actually improve brochure fundraiser sales by adding additional incentives, but without spending any extra money.

Leverage Your Existing Resources

There are many opportunities that already exist at your school that you can utilize during your sale. The key is to pick things that will be exciting to your students. And you’d be amazed at how simplistic this can be. For example, many elementary students enjoy being at the front of the line whenever they leave the classroom. So why not give them the opportunity to do this in exchange for making sales? You can easily incorporate this into your fundraiser by having periodic drawings. Why not give away ‘line leader’ passes to those students who turn in coupons after selling a certain number of items? Here are some additional ideas that you can also incorporate:

  • Classroom leader for a day
  • Free dress day
  • No homework pass
  • Free library pass

All it takes is some creativity and a little extra time on your part. It’s also important to build this up and promote it throughout your sale. The more you hype it, the more excited your students will be about it. School wide elementary school programs can also utilize our student VIP card which is awarded to students who reach a higher sales goal. On the other hand, older students might be motivated to sell if they could gain admission to a school dance party after selling a certain number of items.

For more information, see additional ideas on how to improve sales without using money.

Ask Your Community to Help

Are there local businesses that might be willing to donate their services in exchange for a little free advertising? For instance, a pizza parlor may be able to give away free pizza coupons. Many businesses are interested in reaching out to their communities and establishing good will, especially if they can reach large groups of people with little to no effort. The benefit for them is increased publicity and foot traffic. Families who bring in free pizza coupons will most likely spend additional money. And if you’re able to get a big enough donation, you can advertise it for your grand prize drawing.

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