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How to Make Your Next School Fundraiser Even Better

By Clay Boggess on Jan 5, 2015
How to Make Your Next School Fundraiser Even Better

Simple questions to ask that improve sales

You’ve just completed your sale; you’re glad it’s over and are ready to move on. So why would you want to think about your next school fundraiser after just completing one?

Actually, while things are still fresh in your mind is probably the best time to make notes about how things went. There may be some important details that are still fresh on your mind that you may forget about later. This way, you can refer back and make any needed adjustments for next time once you’re ready.

Here are some questions that you should be discussing with your team.

Was your Fundraising Brochure Well Received?

How did your parents and students like the brochure? Did you have any complaints about quality? Were people saying they were tired of selling the same stuff? Most catalog companies provide a sales report that tells you how many of each type of item was sold. If you sold a seasonal shopper for example, you can look up to see if you sold more wrapping paper or gift items. This can become even more useful if you've been tracking your sales trends over time. For instance, if you notice a downward trend in wrapping paper sales, perhaps people haven't used up what they already have. Or perhaps they don’t like the selection or quality of the paper and are getting their wrapping paper elsewhere.

How Effective was the Prize Program?

Are you offering a similar prize program year after year? Were your students as excited and motivated as you had hoped? Did you hear complaints about the lack of quality? Perhaps your students aren’t selling as much as they used to because they are tired of the types of prizes being offered. Most companies offer prizes that have cheap prizes at the lower levels and better prizes at the higher levels. Most students will only sell enough to win the lower level prizes. Also, older students may be less apt to sell because they are already familiar with the prize program. This can have a profound effect on your sales because fewer students end up participating.

Did You Offer Additional Selling Incentives?

Did you reach or exceed your sales goal? If you’re like a lot of schools, it’s easy to think the prize program was enough to motivate your students to sell. That may have been enough to get them started; however how did you plan to keep them selling throughout your fundraiser? If you didn’t offer additional incentives along with your basic prize program, you may have missed out on the chance to further increase your sales. If you did offer additional incentives, how many students were excited about them? Did you hear students talking about them? If not enough students were interested, was it because the incentive wasn’t appealing enough?

How was the Fundraising Company's Service?

Did your company do everything they said they'd do, or were there some unplanned surprises? Did you receive the sales tools you needed? How did your delivery go?

Even if you may not plan to be a part of your next school fundraiser, being able to provide useful information to the people who inherit it could be very helpful. On the other hand, if you plan to be involved, you’ll probably be glad you'll have your notes.

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