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Why Limo Rides and Pizza Parties Help Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Aug 21, 2014
Why Limo Rides and Pizza Parties Help Fundraisers

A guide to adding a pizza party or limo ride to your fundraiser

One of the best ways to increase sales is to add additional prize incentives. The main prize program will only do so much, so your goal is to further raise the overall enthusiasm level for your program. For instance, young sellers get excited about the idea of riding in a limo, or going to a pizza party with their friends. As a result, many students compete for this special incentive by selling more than they would ordinarily. Adding a limo ride or a pizza party is a great way to add yet another element of excitement to your fundraiser, so we highly encourage you to consider it. Plus, if you promote it effectively you can more than make back your initial investment.

How to Make These Incentives Profitable

If you decide to add a limo ride or pizza party to your prize program, your group will be responsible for paying for it. So you may be wondering if it makes financial sense. The short answer is yes.

Let’s take the limo lunch for example. Most schools that add a limo usually rent it for 2 hours, and to really make it exciting, lunch should be considered as well. The cost of renting a limo usually ranges between $60-100 per hour. Since most limos hold 8-10 people, you are looking at around $25.00 per seller on the high end. If you also incorporate lunch you can plan on adding in an additional $3.00 per seller depending on where you want to take them. Fast food establishments will work fine most of the time.

You'll want to recoup your expenses and make additional profit. You can do this by simply making sure that your sellers sell enough items to qualify.

Select a Qualification Method

Here are 2 different options to consider for accomplishing this goal:

  1. The top 8-10 sellers get to go to lunch in a limo. The advantage of using this approach is that you are guaranteed to fill the limo and take full advantage of your investment. The disadvantage to this method is you haven't set a minimum number of items that have to be sold to qualify. Thus it's possible to have sellers who sell less than you might expect, actually qualify.
  2. Everyone who sells 35 items gets to go to lunch in a limo. The advantage to using this approach is that everyone who qualifies has made you about $150 net profit, even after covering you limo and lunch expenses. The disadvantage is you might not fill your limo, depending on how many sellers reach 35 items. Or, you may have more than enough sellers who reach 35 items and thus you may have to end up either shuttling your sellers or renting an additional limo. This is actually a good problem to have.

Regardless of which method you choose, remember that your goal is to maximize your sales by actively promote your activity to your sellers.

Additional Fundraiser Tips

  • Some organizations make arrangements to have the limo at the kickoff to help get their sellers excited.
  • You can also incorporate a limo ride or pizza party into your super party or super splash party prize programs. If you choose to add a limo to either prize program, we'll provide you with a kickoff video that includes a limo scene.

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