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What Makes Kitchen & Home Spring Fundraiser Unique?

By Clay Boggess on Dec 19, 2015
What Makes Kitchen & Home Spring Fundraiser Unique?

2 reasons schools choose Charleston Wrap

If you’re in the process of looking for a spring fundraiser, no matter how exhaustive your search, you’ll probably find that most spring brochures are similar. You’re then forced to look past the brochure and make your decision based on other differences.

For example, how well do you like the company fundraiser representative or are there any distinctions that can be made between the prize programs.

Well, an argument can now be made for a spring fundraising brochure that’s able to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. Charleston Wrap has become known for its Kitchen & Home brochure which until recently was only offered in the fall. In January, they’ll be introducing their spring 2016 version.

So what makes a Kitchen & Home spring fundraiser stand out?

Charleston Wrap Uses Better Suppliers

The difference in the kitchen & home line is not only in the product selection but also the value. Charleston Wrap uses exclusive overseas wholesale manufacturers that supply them with ‘Williams-Sonoma-like’ knockoffs. The advantage is the quality is very similar. You’re just not paying for name brand products.

The result is better value for the customer. Most companies deem this type of merchandise to be too expensive for a brochure fundraiser. They can’t offer it because they haven’t figured out how to do it. Well Charleston Wrap has. The pricing in their brochure is comparable to other company brochures.

Historically there were only 2 choices: 1.) Offer a brochure with expensive items, or 2.) Settle for razor-thin profits. In other words, there would be no money left over for the fundraising company or the school. That’s the obvious reason companies haven’t bother to attempt this sort of thing before.

Better Quality Products at Comparable Prices

Charleston Wrap can now offer much better products than the average company, but at comparable pricing. The results with their fall kitchen & home brochure have been nothing short of remarkable. Schools have been reporting a significant increase in sales, and with a very high customer satisfaction rate.

Most people are tired of students showing them the same brochures that contain cheap products that they’ll never use. Yes, it’s a fundraiser, but is that an excuse for basically giving a donation in exchange for something that will just end up in the trash?

By offering a better quality product line, Charleston Wrap has separated itself from the competition. The real winner though is the end user. They’re the ones who will certainly buy again the next time around. And just think about how schools will benefit as the word continues to get out.

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