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How to Get Fundraising Money Turned In On Time

By Clay Boggess on Feb 2, 2015
How to Get Fundraising Money Turned In On Time

How to avoid delays when collecting the money

The moment of truth is here. After all of the hard work, you’ll finally get to see how much money your sale actually brings in. This is where you find out how effective you were as a coordinator. Did people buy out of the brochure? Were students motivated to sell to earn the prizes? Now it's time to collect your students order forms and money envelopes.

The hardest part about collecting money is getting people to turn it in on time. This is important because you'll want to stick to your timeline so the school fundraising company can get your merchandise delivered back to you on time. To ensure that you get money turned in on time, make sure you do the following:

Promote Your Sales Turn in Date

Don’t think that all you need to do is talk about your money turn in date at the kickoff and then make sure it's in your parent letter. You can actually use your turn in day as a motivator to bring in more sales. Have a turn in day count down that reminds sellers that they only have ‘x’ days left in order to reach their fundraising goal. Perhaps their goal was to win a particular prize, be the top seller or qualify for a special event. Students and parents will know that your money turn in day is important because you are reminding them about it on a daily basis. Sending home an additional note during the sale definitely won’t hurt either.

Only Do Pay Upfront Fundraisers

Most companies used to encourage schools to collect money after the merchandise arrived. Schools that did this were often victims of an over-inflated sale on paper which led to chasing down money for months afterward. Fortunately most schools now have sellers collect money up front with the order. A prepay sale helps ensure that money is turned in along with the order forms as opposed to later after the merchandise has been delivered to the customer.

Collect Orders and Money Together

Regularly remind your sellers to collect money when someone orders from them. The more students are able to collect money on the spot the better. The closer you get to your fundraiser turn in date, the more often you'll want to remind students that they'll need to make sure their money matches up with their order forms. Some sponsors even go so far as to not count an order without the money. If you decide to enforce this policy, make sure everyone knows about it up front.

As long as you establish and communicate clear expectations for fundraising money collection, this part of the process wouldn’t be as difficult to execute.

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