Why Do a Home Delivery Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

Cookie dough has proven to be a consistent money maker for many school groups over the years. People enjoy it and thus it doesn’t stay in the refrigerator for an extended period of time. And because cookie dough remains in high demand, groups can continue to sell it to their supporters.

However, because cookie dough is a frozen food product, considerations must be made for shipping, delivery and distribution. This is one of its drawbacks compared to selling a nonperishable product. But what if you could have a completely carefree delivery? Is that even possible with cookie dough? Here are some of the benefits to consider with a home delivery cookie dough fundraiser.

Supporters Purchase a Gift Card Instead

People aren’t ordering cookie dough directly from the student; they’re purchasing a gift card. The student then delivers the gift card to the buyer. Then at their convenience, supporters simply go online and place their order. There’s a website on the card along with a code and ordering instructions. The cards do not have an expiration date.

And no credit card is required when placing the order because the cost of the item, as well as the shipping and handling was already included in the initial price of the gift card.

Direct Delivery to Home or Work

Think about it. Your students aren’t handling the cookie dough, only the gift card. All they need to do is turn in their order forms and money envelopes at the end of the sale. The money is collected up front just like with any other brochure sale. At delivery you only receive the gift cards to hand out to your students.

An Easy Fundraiser Delivery

Since you won’t receive any cookie dough, your delivery is greatly simplified. Gift cards don’t take up much space, and they can’t break or melt. All you would need to do is distribute the cards to your students.

Offer the Card as a Gift

Encourage your students to tell their neighbors, family and friends to also purchase the cards as gifts for people that they know. The card can be used for special occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

Shelf-Stable Cookie Dough

Many school fundraising companies offer what’s called shelf-stable cookie dough. This means that the cookie dough has been tested and approved to be left at room temperature, normally between 66 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, for a certain period of time. This adds some degree of shipping and delivery flexibility. Once received, we recommend refrigerating the cookie dough.

Is a home delivery cookie dough fundraiser right for every group? Maybe not, but if you’re thinking about selling cookie dough at all, it’s worth considering.

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