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School Fundraisers for Healthy Schools

By Clay Boggess on Mar 11, 2018
School Fundraisers for Healthy Schools

Create a school fundraising program that is health-focused from start to finish

School fundraisers are often associated with sweet treats, like cookie dough, pies, and confections. However, as health, fitness and wellness become increasingly important in our everyday lives, there’s no reason your school fundraiser can’t follow suit. A school fundraiser focused on an active, healthy lifestyle can not only offer appealing products and fun prizes, but it can help amplify a mission or a theme for a fundraiser that seeks to support sports programs or other wellness initiatives.

Look at how you can craft the perfect health-focused fundraising program and help your school meet its goals.

Healthy School Fundraiser Goals

School fundraisers that focus on health and fitness can be widely appealing. Younger communities with single families often have an increased commitment to health and wellness for themselves and their children. In elementary schools, parents are often particularly focused on helping their young children cultivate an active lifestyle early on through constructive playtime and recreational sports.

If this sounds like your school community, consider how you can frame your school fundraiser around a health or wellness goal. While most fundraising schools have more fundamental needs, like books or supplies, weaving in an additional goal around a health-focused initiative can help reach a new audience of supporters. Examples of health-focused goals include funding for a new jungle gym or play set, or repairs to the school basketball courts.

Healthy School Fundraiser Options

Even if your school fundraiser is focused solely on raising money for classroom needs, you can still make healthy living a defining aspect of your complete fundraising program. One of the most effective ways to host a health-conscious school fundraiser is to choose a product that shows your school’s commitment to wellness.

School fundraising products like beef jerky offer a great, protein-packed alternative to candy. These flavorful products are portable, individually packaged, and offer a low-sugar option for your school fundraising needs. For greater variety, consider the Smart Snacks brochure, which gives customers 10 different scrumptious snacks while earning your school up to 40 percent of the profits! This brochure includes yummy snacks like trail mix and roasted nuts for food that keeps you fueled for the day.

Active School Fundraiser Prize Programs

Cap off your health-focused school fundraiser with a Big Event prize program that gets kids on their feet.

At school, kids spend so much time sitting and listening. Young children particularly can benefit tremendously from additional active play time during the day, which not only helps them build social interaction skills, but also motor skills and healthy lifestyles. The Super Party is an excellent choice for schools looking to offer an active experience. With inflatables, midway games, and obstacle courses, students will have more than enough to get in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity.

Parents will appreciate a prize program that offers their children a chance to be active and have fun. Be sure to target parents with this messaging to gain their support for your school fundraising goals.

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