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Getting Fundraising Support from the Principal

By Clay Boggess on May 31, 2012
Getting Fundraising Support from the Principal

How to go from a supportive to an involved principal

Getting your students excited about winning prizes for selling items out of a brochure at your kickoff assembly is vital to the success of any school wide sales campaign. This can appear to be relatively easy. Gaining the backing of your parents and teachers is also important but often a little more challenging.

Yet, if you want to really affect your sale, the person to focus on is the principal. Since they’re probably the most influential person in the school, it's obvious that having their fundraising support can make a big difference. It’s one thing to have them approve your sale, but if you can get them involved in some way, your sale can really benefit. Here's how you might be able to get your principal to participate.

Gaining Principal Support

If you want the principal to support your efforts you will need to sell them on your purpose. Hopefully you have already talked to people about what the school needs. When it comes to the approaching the principal we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Request an appointment. This will give you more time to solidify your goals and objectives.
  2. Show up prepared. Write down the things that you plan to discuss. Principals are busy, so make wise use of your time.
  3. Dress for success. Make a strong impression by dressing professionally.

Getting them Involved with Your Fundraiser

One of the goals at your meeting should be to ask for their involvement. The principal can unite the entire school towards your sales goal. They can also help you promote your kickoff as well as make daily announcements. You should correlate their involvement to increased sales. For example, you can create a condition for the students that if the school reaches its goal, the principal will agree to do something in return. Here are some examples:

  • Spend a day on the roof
  • Come to school in their pajamas
  • Dye their hair
  • Kiss a frog
  • Dress up as a ____________

These are all things that shouldn’t take up too much of the principal’s time. Once the principal understands what you are trying to accomplish they may think of their own ideas as well. Make sure that the ideas that are discussed are going to be both fun and entertaining for the students; otherwise it may not motivate them to want to bring in more sales.

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