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How Fundraising Discount Cards Build Community Rapport

By Clay Boggess on Mar 26, 2022
How Fundraising Discount Cards Build Community Rapport

Get community businesses to see your organization as an asset

Fundraising discount cards are tools for local businesses to offer discounts to cardholders on the businesses’ goods and services. Nonprofits sell the discount card for income while driving people to the businesses. While everyone loves a good deal, this also helps businesses and encourages them to support you!

Having a discount card fundraiser is a way to bring your community and your organization together. At Big Fundraising Ideas, we’ll do the work of building your card for you. But if you want to increase your profit margins even more, you can do the work yourself and create your own card.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Be ready to tell your story.

Remember, the best way to relate to people and have them understand you is to tell a story. We always have fundraising tips for you to use!

When people are able to personalize your cause, they have a greater connection to it. And if your story is about a problem that needs help to succeed, people are much more motivated to support it.

2. Make a business prospect list.

If you will be selling to parents, what are their favorite businesses or restaurants or spas? Don’t be afraid to ask them! Get a list going so you don’t forget any businesses.

3. Divide and conquer

Divide the list up among the leaders of the fundraising effort, give them the storytelling script, and have them personally meet with those businesses on their list. Meeting in person is best, but we all know how hard that is. Making a telephone appointment will work too.

4. Be a good listener.

Your goal is to mutually support each other – ask each business what needs it has and just listen. While hearing all about them, listen especially for cries for help to get more people in the door or to highlight how unique they are. By listening you will learn what value you might add to the business with your fundraising cards. And, if you really do care about them, they just might want to help you!

5. Why use cards for fundraising?

Using fundraising discount cards can draw people to businesses by offering them enticing discounts. Businesses also look good by supporting your organization. The cards can also let people know about any new services or products that businesses may be offering. This is much cheaper than traditional advertising!

Be sure to ask them what discount they may be willing to offer. Typical offers include “buy one get one free”, a certain percentage off, or a dollar discount. They can make it a ‘win-win’ by giving some traction to their new product or service.

6. Stay in contact.

Remember, you’ve developed a cherished relationship here. Make a plan around having the occasional check in and see how the business is doing. Send a thank you note to the business for helping your organization. Use your social media and website to let visitors know who is supporting you!

By staying connected, you develop a bond between the business and your organization. That is an esteemed place to be, and next year’s discount card fundraiser will be much easier to set up by retaining that relationship. The business will associate your organization as good for their business, and you can always tout your friendship with the business to get a little boost to your image, as well!



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