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How to Make Discount Card Sales Face to Face

By Clay Boggess on Dec 18, 2014
How to Make Discount Card Sales Face to Face

How to succeed at selling discount cards

The most effective way to make discount card sales is face to face. There are specific things you can do to increase your sales success like knowing your discount card inside and out. Know what businesses are on the card and what their specific offers are.

If you're familiar with the potential buyer, you'll be able to point out certain businesses and offers to them. Know that the cards can be used every day and as often as the person wants to use them until the expiration date.

Additional things to consider when making discount card sales are:

The Discount Card Sales Pitch

When pitching the discount card to a prospective buyer you should do the following:

With the back of the card facing up, hand the card to your prospect. The best way to do this is to encroach slightly on their “space.” Don’t stand five feet away and attempt to hand them the card. When you reach to hand them the card, your hand should almost touch their body. When you hand them the card say, “Have you received your ____________ discount card yet?”

After handing them the card, step backward slightly. As they begin to look at the card, immediately ask them a question. For example, “How many of those businesses have you been in during the past year?” Then ask, “Which of those places have you been in the most?” Give them time to answer and then go back to the business they have been in the most and say, “With this card you could save $________ if you did business with them like that this coming year.” Then say, “Our _______________ is selling discount cards to raise money for _______________. Our cards are only $10 and you can save money at your favorite place and all these other businesses all year long. In fact, the discount card will pay for itself after the first couple of uses. You don’t mind saving money do you? Good, all I need is $10 and the card's yours.”

Leverage Your Selling Opportunities

Once they've made a purchase, ask them if they know of anyone else who might be interested in purchasing a discount card. Suggest that other members of the family from the middle school on up should have their own card because they're not always with mom or dad when it’s time to use the card and save money. Suggest they also consider buying the cards as gifts for neighbors, family and friends.

Don’t overlook anyone. Everyone who lives or works in the area and wouldn’t mind saving money is a prospect. Make sure all of your neighbors, friends, people you do business with have an opportunity to buy a card.

Good Discount Card Selling Attributes

Always be courteous and polite. Be clean and neat when you’re out selling your discount cards. That adds a lot of credibility. Of course, the opposite is also true.

Be persistent and thorough. If the person hesitates, help them make a positive decision by asking positive questions like, “What do you like the most about our card?” Then listen for their answers. Then agree with their positive answers and say, “Those are good points. In fact, those are some of the very reasons people are buying our card.”

Additional Phrases that Explain Card Benefits

  • “A lot of people like the convenience of our discount card because it fits right in their billfold or purse. They don’t have to go looking for it when they're ready to use it.”
  • "Many people save more than their investment in the first two weeks they had the card.” Tie their savings to real things that they might want to do with the money they save.
  • “Almost any smart investor would be happy with a 100% return on their money. With our discount card most people get a much better return than that. It just makes sense to get one, doesn’t it?”
  • “For less than the cost of two average visits to a fast food store a person can save all year long with a discount card.”

Pick out the phrases that feel comfortable for you. Expose the cards to a maximum number of people, be pleasant, hand them the card to look at while you're explaining the benefits and you'll make lots of discount card sales.

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