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How Effective is Your Prize Program?

By Clay Boggess on Jun 10, 2014
How Effective is Your Prize Program?

Is your prize program holding you back?

Are you offering a similar prize program year after year with your fundraiser? Most schools tend to focus on what's in the brochure and what they're offering to their customers. While it's important to understand what your customers want, sponsors also need to carefully consider their motivational strategy in order to get more of their students to participate in selling.

The best way to positively affect brochure sales is by increasing participation. Therefore if your students are excited about your incentives then they’ll be more likely to push your sale. Parents usually end up selling because they’ve been persuaded by students who are enthusiastic about winning the prizes. Here are some additional things to consider when selecting your prize plan.

How Effective was your Prize Program?

When you look back at previous sales, did your students really like the prizes or did they just initially appear enthusiastic because everyone else was? Most sponsors don’t give this a second thought. They see how thrilled their students get at the kickoff and just assume that everyone’s excited to sell. Some don’t even bother to check in again with their students until the end of the sale. By then it’s too late. This mindset continues from one sale to the next which is a reason that many schools seem to be content with the same sales results over time. How will you know if your sales can improve or not unless you’re willing to look at this more closely?

The Effects on Your Sellers

Perhaps your students aren’t selling as much because they’re simply tired of the types of prizes that are being offered. Most school fundraising companies offer prizes that are cheap at the lower levels and improve at the higher levels. Unfortunately you need to entice students to want to jump in and sell and the same junky prizes may not be cutting it. Plus, most students only end up selling enough to win the lower level prizes because it’s too hard to reach the higher levels.

Also, older students are less apt to sell because they’re already familiar with previous incentive plans and how unrealistic it is to actually win the higher-level prizes. This can have a profound effect on your sales because less students end up participating.

Is a New Prize Program in Order?

So why do your sales continue to be stagnant? There are several possible factors to consider. Obviously there are things that you cannot control, like the effects of the economy on consumer confidence and discretionary spending. However, one of the more powerful ways you can positively affect your results is by changing up your incentive plan. Even though you’re offering different prizes every year, you’re still offering the same type of prize program. Since students already know what to expect, perhaps they’re bored with the status quo.

By offering something new and exciting, perhaps you’ll rekindle the curiosity and enthusiasm in your students that they used to had.

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