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5 Easy and Profitable School Fundraising Ideas

By Clay Boggess on May 14, 2022
School Fundraising Ideas

Unique ways to fundraise for your school

Organizing a fundraiser for your school can seem like a monstrous task to undertake. It doesn’t have to be. Whether you choose to outsource the planning and coordination through a school fundraiser company or manage it yourself, your campaign can be profitable and easy. In truth, the most difficult part of the process is searching through a plethora of school fundraising ideas and finding something that will work for you.

In this article, we discuss 5 simple yet effective school fundraisers in hopes that by the time you’re done reading you will be ready to start.

1. Book Sale

Host a book sale to raise funds for your school and enhance your community. Students, parents, faculty, and other community members donate gently used books to the cause. The books are then affordably priced and resold. Schools love this fundraiser as it aligns with their mission of providing educational opportunities accessible by all.

Donors clear space on their shelves for new books, readers have the opportunity to purchase almost new books at a discount, and your school gains capital.

Don’t stop with just books. This fundraiser can be expanded to include crafts, baked goods, art, clothes, and home goods.

2. School Spirit Merchandise Sale

Selling gear repping your school’s name, logo, or mascot is a fantastic way to raise funds. T-shirts, Hoodies, window decals, notebooks, phone cases, and water bottles are just a few examples of the many merchandise items to choose from.

Have a sales table or kiosk setup between classes or before and after school. You can rent a space at a local farmers market or other events in the community. Ask local businesses for space in their shops for a commission. You may even set up an online marketplace for additional sales.

This fundraiser works at any time, but a school spirit merchandise sale is most profitable around big events such as the start of the year, homecoming, a big football game, or graduation. A student-run spirit sale is a learning opportunity as well as a funding opportunity!

3. School Fundraisers Online

Take advantage of the technology of the day. The easiest, and sometimes the most profitable, to manage, these simple school fundraisers consist of putting the information out there and then waiting for the response. Here are 5 proven online fundraising platforms for schools. Or, if you only want to accept donations you can make a donation page on a fundraising platform or social media site. It helps to occasionally post updates, thank you notes, photos, and progress reports.

For text donations, donors will text a keyword to a chosen text-to-give phone number. This will lead to an online donation form. If the donor is already registered, you can allow them to simply text to confirm a new donation. Both online and text fundraisers take little effort and time to manage once set up.

4. Email Campaign

This fundraiser takes some time and effort to get up and running, but once it is set up it is easier than ever. Curate a weekly newsletter to share highlights and updates with your community members and biggest stakeholders- parents, students, faculty, and donors. Add a link to a donor portal in each weekly newsletter, along with direct asks for donations on occasion.

Build your contact list by collecting emails at student registration, events, and any point-of-sale. Advertise your newsletter on social media and the school’s website. For high schools and colleges, consider a student-run email campaign.

5. Community Picnic

An example of a unique school fundraiser is a community picnic. Similar to the book sale idea, this fundraiser engages the community while raising needed funds for the school. To host a profitable community picnic, Charge guests a small fee to attend the event. Ask local shops and restaurants to donate food and beverages. Other organizations can offer to donate merchandise and other goodies as giveaways. This is a great advertising opportunity for local businesses.

Parents and faculty can set up games such as beanbags, horseshoes, bag races, water balloon fights, and more. For older student bodies, you can invite school bands to play music or dance/cheer groups to perform. The important thing about hosting a community picnic is it can be as involved or laid-back as you desire.

Choose the fundraiser above that best suits the strengths, needs, and interests of your school. Keep in mind, fundraisers can even be mixed and matched! For example, consider setting up a book sale at the community picnic.

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