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Improve Discount Card Sales by Prospecting

By Clay Boggess on Jan 29, 2015
Improve Discount Card Sales by Prospecting

How prospecting boosts discount card sales

To improve discount card sales, you should stress the importance of prospecting. If your students have an idea of who they think would be most likely to purchase from them, they’ll have a much greater chance to be effective.

Having a prepared prospect list offers several advantages to your students including giving them a defined road map that helps to increase their confidence as well as creating needed momentum to get them started.

As opposed to handing out your cards to your students and simply telling them to bring back the money, arrange to have a discount card meeting.

8 Prospecting Steps that Improve Discount Card Sales

Here are the steps that you'll want to incorporate into your kickoff meeting to help your students succeed:

  1. Ask your students to think of as many people as possible that might purchase a discount card.
  2. Don’t let them start before you count down...five, four, three, two, one, begin!
  3. Tell them to stand up as soon as they have 20 prospects written down.
  4. Stop everyone when you have five or six students that have reached twenty prospects.
  5. Have everyone draw a line under the last name that they wrote. Then give the first person that stood with 20 prospects a dollar as a prize.
  6. Now ask, “How many have thought of other names that you don't have on your list yet?” Most will say yes.
  7. Give them another period of time and have them stand after they've written down ten additional names. While they are writing give them suggestions of different categories like neighbors, relatives, church members and family friends.
  8. Suggest they carry their lists with them and add names as they come to mind.

Each member of your group will have more confidence because they’ll have several prospects they can approach that should help improve discount card sales.

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