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A Good Discount Card Fundraiser is about Location

By Clay Boggess on Jan 12, 2015
A Good Discount Card Fundraiser is about Location

Where you sell discount cards can make all the difference

Where a discount card fundraiser takes place can help determine the success of your sale. Sure, you can effectively sell your cards one at a time by showing them to neighbors, family and friends. After all, these are the people that are probably most likely to buy because they know you.

However, since your main goal is to sell off your supply as quickly as possible, you can also look for creative ways to bring customers to you. Where your discount card fundraiser is promoted can help you sell off more cards in less time. In other words, the sales process is accelerated when your cards are seen in high traffic areas.

Set Up a Cafeteria Fundraiser Table

Get permission to set up tables during the lunch breaks at school. Make P.A. announcements that inform everyone that the _______________ discount card will be available during lunch at your sales tables. Be sure to clearly mark your tables. It is best if the tables can be set up for more than one day so students can have a chance to bring back money for the cards.

Selling Discount Cards at the Supermarket

Many supermarkets will let groups set up sales tables near their entrances. Schedule volunteers to man the tables and be sure to have plenty of cards and mark your tables well. Speak to each person who goes by. Don’t miss an opportunity because you were talking to other volunteers.

Some groups have prepared promotional flyers to inform the people of the discounts. They can give one to everyone who enters the store. When a flyer is handed to a person, make a simple request like saying, “Please read this before you leave the store. You could save as much as $100 or more.” If you use the flyer idea at a store, be sure to list two or more phone numbers where a person can call to get a card.

Employer Lunchrooms Sales

Larger employers may allow you to set up a sales table for a day or two in their cafeterias. This would also be a good place to use flyers. Again, be sure to speak to everyone who gets close to your table. It’s more desirable to purchase discount cards from someone who's friendly.

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