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Why a Cookie Dough Fundraiser is the Hot Choice Right Now

By Clay Boggess on Feb 26, 2022
Why a Cookie Dough Fundraiser is the Hot Choice Right Now

Get out of the cold and sell the idea of warm freshly baked cookies

Today, it’s two degrees outside. Are you bundled up in a sweater and fuzzy slippers, and just want to stay inside and be warm? Don’t fresh and hot cookies from your oven sound absolutely amazing right now? This is a wonderful time of the year to get your community to support your gourmet cookie dough fundraiser! Just get out there and sell it right?

But wait! What more do you need to know? Just a few, simple things:

1. Sell the smell.

Encourage your group to create a picture with their sense of smell. Bring back memories of childhood where you can remember those days of sledding and coming home to hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies. Memories are powerful motivators that do something to bring joy into our lives. And our sense of smell is our best memory-refresher. This can serve as a powerful motivator, both for the seller as well as the buyer.

2. Promote the ease.

How much easier can it be to relive these memories than pulling a tub of cookie dough out of the refrigerator, scooping the dough onto a pan, placing it into the oven, and enjoying those delicious chocolate chip cookies in 20 minutes? Why can’t the ideal be your cookie dough fundraiser tubs that you used to sell when you were young? You can make that happen. You can be the hero in this scene!

Of course today we have more options that make it even easier, like preportioned Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough that doesn’t require any thawing or scooping at all.

3. Find the right cookie.

Now that we have you drooling, let’s find the right materials to make it happen. Having a cookie dough fundraiser is easy, but we make it the easiest! Check out our cookie dough fundraiser for schools, and you’ll be helping others live their favorite memory of wintry weather days in no time.

4. Sell your sellers.

Odds are good that you were motivated to use cookie dough for fundraiser revenue because of the “smell picture” painted above. You can do the same with your sellers! Paint that picture with them and encourage them to “share” that joy with those they are selling to.

People buy from people, more than they buy products. This is still true even in the digital age. If your sellers are into the product, odds are so much better that others will buy. Here’s an idea. Why not have a taste-testing party to kick-off your fundraising event?

5. Plan accordingly.

Plan accordingly by hosting your cookie dough fundraiser in the winter to trigger those warm fuzzy childhood memories. Also, can you tie it into something to elevate your brand? Are winter sports a thing you want to highlight and get more people to support?

Use your cookie dough fundraiser to do just that. Can you bake and sell cookies that you purchase from your own fundraiser at future events? This can only help people remember who to buy cookie dough from next time. Plan out places and times that people will WANT to buy your cookie dough! Our cookie dough fundraiser success tips are good to read, too.


The goal is to have people thanking your school and all it does every time they bite into a fresh, warm cookie. Take advantage of the cold season and start your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser today!



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