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5 Ways to Communicate Fundraising Information

By Clay Boggess on Jul 1, 2010
5 Ways to Communicate Fundraising Information

Ways to communicate your fundraiser mission to others

Being able to communicate with others is essential in everyday life. If you’ve had any experience as an elementary school sponsor, you've probably formed your own opinions on how to best stay in contact with your group during your sale.

Most sponsors will agree that communication is crucial and that having well-informed students and parents is important to ensuring their group’s financial success. Organizations that run smooth sales are effective at using several different methods that bridge the communication barrier and get needed information out to their sellers at various points of the sale. Here are some tools that you may find helpful.

Ways to Share Fundraising Information

Here are 5 ways to get the word out about your fundraiser:

  1. Incorporate ‘need to know’ information into your daily announcements to your students.
  2. Let students know about key notices that will be going home and why they're important.
  3. If available, use your district voicemail system to send messages to your parent’s phone.
  4. If possible, parents can choose to receive email updates that are posted on your website.
  5. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get important messages out.

Important Fundraiser Notices

The following notices are provided inside our school fundraising guidebook.

  • Mid Sale Notice: Since you're already reminding your students to sell at school, this notice is more for your parents. Some parents may forget about the sale, so a reminder half way through might help.
  • Money Turn-in Notice: To get a positive response on money turn in day, it's important to send home notices reminding parents ahead of time. If you've been promoting your sale to your students, chances are they've already been talking to their parents as well.
  • Delivery Notice: It is important to inform your parents about your delivery. They need to know when and where they will need to pick orders up. You can also include additional information like, “Order must be picked up after school between 3:15 and 5:30 p.m. on the cafeteria stage”.
  • Product Replacement Notice: If necessary, it's important to inform parents about how to replace any damaged or missing merchandise. Some school fundraising companies provide this information inside each student's box.

Effectively communicating your fundraiser information will save you time and possibly prevent phone calls from parents.

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