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5 Reasons to Choose a School Fundraising Company

By Clay Boggess on Jan 27, 2011
5 Reasons to Choose a School Fundraising Company

Why schools work with fundraising companies

Deciding on the best product to sell can be a difficult task. You have lots of things to consider like what to sell and how to sell it. You may even consider going in a completely new direction from what you’ve been doing in the past.

Your group needs money so you're trying to decide if you should create your own program or work with a school fundraiser company. Perhaps you’ve been working with a company but aren’t completely satisfied for a variety of reasons. Or, maybe you’re tired of the work involved in doing your own sale from scratch and getting less return than you've hoped for.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider working with a company:

1. No Up-Front Fundraiser Costs

Often times when a school decides to do their own sale they encounter several obstacles. For example, if you plan to have a carnival, unless you're creative and have several connections, there are going to be costs associated with bringing in food and supplies. Yes, you may keep most of the profit, but you also need to factor in the up-front costs if you want to realize your net profit. Most companies provide all of the supplies and promotional materials needed to effectively plan and promote your sale at no cost.

2. A Built-in Sales Consultant

Groups who have their own sale don’t take into account several things that must be done to make their venture worthwhile. For example, recruiting and delegating certain responsibilities like buying food or what types of age-appropriate games should be used. With a company, you'll work with an experienced professional who will ask questions to find out your specific needs. They will also be able to answer questions and address issues as they come up. This will help ensure that things run smoothly and efficiently.

3. Companies Make Things Easier

Anyone who has done their own campaign will tell you it's a lot of work. From recruiting volunteers to deciding on the food and games is only the beginning. When working with a company, you have a built in system that's already designed to run smoothly and efficiently. We provide every school-wide group with a school fundraising guidebook which spells everything out for you.

4. An Always Available Cheerleader

Outside companies can be beneficial because they can provide moral and emotional support as well as needed accountability to help your group reach its goals. For example, we check in with our schools multiple times during the course of their sale.

5. A Proven Fundraising Method

We have schools who have worked with us for many years occasionally tell us they would like to try something different for their next sale. Once they've tried it, whether it be asking for donations or having a carnival, they inevitably end up coming back. The reason is brochure sales are a proven method that works. It raises decent money while minimizing the amount of time and effort required. Companies also provide a variety of prize program options that provide opportunities for every student to win as opposed to just a couple of top sellers getting acknowledged.

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