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Big Fundraising Ideas Receives Fundraiser Award

By Clay Boggess on Nov 1, 2012
Big Fundraising Ideas Receives Fundraiser Award

Why we feel awards are significant

The primary goal of our blog is to provide useful, informative and unbiased information. Our blog is not just for our customers but is for everyone who is considering a sales campaign. Every once in a while we make the humble decision to toot our own horn. Yet, this fundraiser award is really about our customers because they are the ones that put their trust in us to help them raise money.

Big Fundraising Ideas is constantly striving to become more efficient so we can better serve our customers. They are the ones who ultimately use our programs. Even though we design the programs, we would never know how well they performed without our customers actually using them. In other words, do our customers reach their sales goals, and what kind of experience do they have throughout the process? Would they recommend us to other groups? Some of the best evaluations we receive are from those who tell us how we can improve. We take it to heart and listen to every customer because you never know what you can learn.

We started off as a small company in 1999 working primarily with groups almost exclusively in the Corpus Christi area. Since then we have evolved into a company that provides services to schools across the United States. Yet, we haven't forgotten a most basic principle that we strive to apply to every group; treat them as if they were our one and only customer.

We’d like to thank those who have recognized us for this prestigious award; yet we’d like to pass it on to those who have placed their trust in us over the years, our customers.

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