Great Big Event Magic Show Scheduling Ideas

How to take advantage of opportunities when scheduling your magic show

Since our Big Event Magic Show is curriculum-based and focused on specific themes, you have the opportunity to have your assembly during a time when that particular theme is being celebrated at a national and even international level.

For example, you can schedule your ‘Just Say No’ program during 'Red Ribbon Week' or a 'Magic of Recycling' show in November during 'National Recycling Week'.

You can get some great magic show scheduling ideas based on the following yearly events:

Fall Semester

The following events occur during the month of:


  • National Literacy Month
  • National Library Card Sign up Month
  • International Literacy Day
    (Highlighting the importance of reading, particularly from a multicultural, international perspective)
  • Citizenship Day
  • National Good Neighbor Day


  • National Safe School Week
  • National Character Counts Week
  • National Red Ribbon Week
  • Halloween


  • National Youth Appreciation Week
  • National Parental Involvement Day
  • National Family Week
  • National Recycling Week

Spring Semester

The following events occur during the month of:


Valentine’s Day (Schools often use Valentine’s Day to learn about friendships)


  • International Children’s Book Day
  • National Library Week
  • National Student Leadership Week


National Reading Is Fundamental Week

Make sure to schedule your fundraiser accordingly because the magic show is designed as a reward for selling and you’ll want to tie the two together.

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