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Great Big Event Magic Show Scheduling Ideas

By Clay Boggess on Sep 18, 2014
Great Big Event Magic Show Scheduling Ideas

How to take advantage of opportunities when scheduling your magic show

Since our Big Event Magic Show is curriculum-based and focused on specific themes, you have the opportunity to have your assembly during a time when that particular theme is being celebrated at a national and even international level.

For example, you can schedule your ‘Just Say No’ program during 'Red Ribbon Week' or a 'Magic of Recycling' show in November during 'National Recycling Week'.

You can get some great magic show scheduling ideas based on the following yearly events:

Fall Semester

The following events occur during the month of:


  • National Literacy Month
  • National Library Card Sign up Month
  • International Literacy Day
    (Highlighting the importance of reading, particularly from a multicultural, international perspective)
  • Citizenship Day
  • National Good Neighbor Day


  • National Safe School Week
  • National Character Counts Week
  • National Red Ribbon Week
  • Halloween


  • National Youth Appreciation Week
  • National Parental Involvement Day
  • National Family Week
  • National Recycling Week

Spring Semester

The following events occur during the month of:


Valentine’s Day (Schools often use Valentine’s Day to learn about friendships)


  • International Children’s Book Day
  • National Library Week
  • National Student Leadership Week


National Reading Is Fundamental Week

Make sure to schedule your fundraiser accordingly because the magic show is designed as a reward for selling and you’ll want to tie the two together.

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