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3 Reasons our Big Event Magic Show Incentive Works

By Clay Boggess on Nov 23, 2011
3 Reasons our Big Event Magic Show Incentive Works

Why schools achieve better results with our magic show incentive

Many people think prize programs are all alike. Sell a few items and you can win a plastic whistle or a super bouncy ball. These types of prize programs often appear more exciting than they really are. If a few fortunate students actually sell a lot, they can win a better prize, like a low-end stereo. Parents that understand how fundraisers work already know the prizes are cheap. They often sell so their children won't feel left out; even though they know they can probably get something similar at the dollar store. Of course, this is assuming they don’t have any other reason to help raise money for their child’s school.

However, schools continue to use these more traditional prize programs because they continue to generate sales. Students seem to fall for the initial hype of the bigger, more elusive prizes. In reality, most students won’t reach those higher prize levels.

Yet, is there a prize program that can motivate students to sell, yet not disappoint? Here are 3 compelling reasons why schools are now turning to our magic show prize program instead:

1. They Increase Fundraising Sales

Our big event fundraising prize programs have been proven to increase sales compared to traditional prize programs. In a recent head to head comparison that looked at several schools that previously used a traditional prize program, sales increased significantly when they switched to a prize program like our Big Event Magic Show. One school that made the switch to our magic show prize program increased their gross sales from $8,000 to $27,000.

2. Big Event Magic Shows are Educational

In addition to having the opportunity to win special privileges, students get to attend an exciting assembly right at their school. They get to see remarkable magic tricks and amazing illusions; with each magic performance based around specific themes. Schools can select relevant topics which stress the importance of reading, good character and how to choose the right friends. Students come away with much more than just winning prizes.

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3. They Offer More Bang for the Buck

Unlike traditional prize programs that usually reward students with cheap prizes for selling a few items, students can win attendance to a thrilling Big Event Magic Show performance after selling just 5 items from their brochure. This is something both students and parents appreciate.

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