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Make Your Big Event Fundraiser Ceremony Memorable

By Clay Boggess on Oct 27, 2015
Make Your Big Event Fundraiser Ceremony Memorable

How to create fond student memories of your school's big event

So what do we mean by a big event fundraiser anyway? Many people might mistake it for an auction or carnival. By definition, it’s a brochure sale that incorporates one of our parties or shows as a reward for selling instead of using a traditional prize program.

Many schools have found that their sales increase significantly when using this format. The reason is that many students are more excited about going to a fun event at their school than receiving a prize in their fundraising box.

We offer 4 types of big event fundraising incentives that include our super party, super splash party, magic show and reptile show. Our parties are 2 hour events and our shows last about an hour. While students truly enjoy the activities that go on during these events, it’s actually the last part of the event that’s the most memorable. We call this the awards ceremony.

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Recognizing Student Fundraising Performance

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. The awards ceremony gives schools the opportunity to make students feel recognized for their efforts. Unlike with a traditional prize program where students get a prize that may end up going unused, the awards ceremony gives you the opportunity to do so much more.

The ultimate goal is for those students who sold just enough to go to a party or show to also want to be called up to the front and acknowledged as a top seller after your next big event fundraiser. They actually get to see those who reached the higher prize levels come up in front of their peers for special recognition, privileges and exciting incentives.

How to Maximize Your Awards Ceremony

Since your awards ceremony can impact future sales you should work to make it as big a deal as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Announce that you’ll have an award ceremony at the end of your big event throughout your sale. This includes at the kickoff, during your sale as well as just before the event.
  • Make sure that you have an area cleared out for students to gather around a microphone. This is easy to do for shows because the students are already in position.
  • Introduce the awards ceremony by acknowledging all of the students for a job well done and how much was actually raised and what the money will be used for.
  • Call students who reached level 2, 3, and then 4, and so on up to the front. Be sure to announce the top seller last.
  • See to it that the top seller gets special acknowledgement. Let everyone know that they are capable of doing the same thing.
  • Those who reached the higher prize levels for one of the parties may also be eligible to spin the money wheel and go in the money machine. This is the time to let them experience their reward in front of their classmates who will be cheering them on.

If they can’t experience it at your first event, the goal is for every student to see firsthand what a select few get to do. Your awards ceremony will then hopefully inspire everyone to want to sell more next time.

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