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Expect More from Your School Prize Program

By Clay Boggess on Aug 22, 2013
Expect More from Your School Prize Program

Learn why your prize incentives are important to your sale

Sponsors expect students to be excited about the prizes that are offered in the school prize program. But should students get more than just a tangible prize?

It’s essential to the success of any catalog sale to entice as many students to sell out of their brochure as possible. The goal is to also have students reach the higher prize levels; otherwise they would simply settle for the cheaper prizes, or worse not be interested in the fundraiser at all. This would translate into fewer dollars brought in by the school. Yet do prize programs do enough or should parents and students expect more?

Take School Prize Programs to Another Level

Our Big Event Magic Show attempts to take this concept a step further. Instead of simply rewarding students with prizes, the bar is raised to another level by offering schools a curriculum-based assembly. In other words, students can benefit intrinsically as well. Here is a comparison of what both types of programs offer:

Feature Traditional Prize Program Magic Show Prize Program
Prize program flyers? Yes Yes
Students win prizes? Yes Yes
Multiple prizes & prize levels? Yes Yes
Students win special privileges? No Yes
Students learn educational concepts? No Yes

The Reasons Schools Want Better Prize Incentives

There are multiple reasons why schools are considering other options to the traditional prize program:

  1. Most students end up winning only the lower quality prizes.
  2. Even the more expensive prizes don’t work, or stop working after limited use.
  3. Many parents are tired of having to sell a lot of items in order to win ‘dollar-store quality’ prizes.
  4. Older experienced students have stopped participating in fundraisers.

One primary is that traditional prize programs require students to reach higher prize levels by selling a lot of items. In the beginning students are focused on the bigger more appealing prizes but don't realize how many items they will need to sell. Many end up selling very little while most sell nothing at all.

Why Big Event Prize Programs Offer More

On the other hand, with our magic show prize program we have intentionally placed the most exciting prize at the lowest level, gaining admission to a fun and educational magic show assembly. This is intentional to get more students to participate as well as to offer an important and relevant message. This is contradictory to how the traditional prize program works which require students to sell a lot in order to win the more desirable prizes. The ultimate objective is to get every student to the event while the school reaches its financial goal.

Another bonus with the magic show is the educational component incorporates active audience participation. Schools have the opportunity to select their own curriculum-based theme that they feel will be most relevant to their students. To bring in a highly esteemed educational speaker can be expensive; therefore to have the chance to offer an exciting assembly at no cost has been very appealing.

If you want to keep your sale as low-key as possible then you may be better off with a traditional prize program; however if you are looking for a fresh approach that will get the attention of both your students and parents then it may be time to start looking at something new. Ultimately it comes down to exchanging a cheap junky prize for an experience that students may never forget.

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