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Are Gift Wrap Fundraisers Still Relevant?

By Clay Boggess on Nov 30, 2019
Are Gift Wrap Fundraisers Still Relevant?

Why are more schools selling gift wrap even with no Sally Foster?

One advantage to selling consumable products is that the demand stays high year after year. Do you ever hear people complain about cookie dough taking up too much freezer space due to it not being used?

Well, maybe some do. Groups don't sell customized school mugs yearly because the people who bought them the year before are still using last year's mug. Gift wrap fundraisers are a lot like selling cookie dough. Many people admit that the quality of the wrapping paper in a sales brochure is better than what you'll find at many retail stores, like Walmart® for example. The paper in the average sales brochure is 60-pound, whereas Walmart® typically sells 40-pound paper.

This is one reason that, after so many years, selling roll wrap is still a popular way for schools to raise money. Companies like Innisbrook and Sally Foster once dominated the market by offering only gift wrap and wrapping paper accessories like ribbons and bows. Other companies offered gift wrap, but these two companies were considered the 'gold standard'.

However, when competitors began to offer more product options than just wrapping paper, schools began migrating towards these alternative companies. As it turns out, Sally Foster's gift wrap is no longer available. Innisbrook is still in business but doesn't have nearly the same influence that it once did in the school fundraising industry.

This would lead some to believe that the decline of these two companies resulted from a decrease in the demand for wrapping paper in general. Do many schools rely on it exclusively like they once did? Perhaps the rise of gift cards and gift bags played a role.

Well, it turns out that none of the above is true. The demand for gift wrap has never been higher. Americans spend more than $7 billion on wrapping paper each year, according to Sundale Research. This is more than double the amount spent in 2015, so the demand continues to be strong.

Yet, regarding school fundraisers and selling wrapping paper in 2019, the new sheriff in town is Charleston Wrap. Since many schools want to sell more than gift wrap, Charleston Wrap offers wrapping paper and gift item brochures. Many schools still prefer only selling gift wrap.

Why Choose Charleston Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Charleston Wrap Paper offers many advantages over other competitors in the industry, like exclusive designs, a more extensive selection, superior quality, and even better pricing. Here are some of their features and benefits:

  • Selection:
    • Over 80 exclusive designs. Their wrapping paper is not found in any other fundraising catalog.
    • More rolls than any other brochure. Forty-three rolls, of which 100% are reversible, adding consumer value.
    • Charleston Wrap is one of the only companies that offers embossed wraps. They offer more embossed roll options than any other company and are the first to introduce Ultra Embossed Rolls – where the actual design itself is embossed. Embossed wrap gives a very heavy feel and a thicker texture to the wrap.
    • They are also the only company that offers 3D wrap, which turns out to be its top-selling roll wrap (patent pending).
    • People also have the option to purchase gift wrap that has ultra-embossing, metalized papers, foils, and high-gloss UV.
  • Size & Pricing:
    • All standard rolls are 36 sq. ft., and they've maintained their $8 retail price for the last several years.
    • There are no 10 or 12 sq. ft.' short rolls' as the competition offers. Embossed rolls are 32 sq. ft. and cost $10.
    • All jumbo rolls are 60 sq. ft. and cost $12. This is comparable to 40 sq. ft. for the competition. Most companies offer their 60 sq. ft. mega roll for $14 or $16.
  • Quality:
    • Charleston Wrap offers the heaviest paper in fundraising at 60 and 70 lbs.
    • They are the only company that offers an UltraHeavy weight paper.

Because many schools prefer more variety, Charleston Wrap offers their gift wrap brochure that can be combined with their Kitchen & Home variety brochure. They've found that when schools sell both brochures, sales increase significantly.

In fact, in a sample of schools that previously used Innisbrook, sales improved by an average of 110% after switching to Charleston Wrap.

Wrapping Paper Considerations

When choosing a gift wrap catalog, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Wrapping paper thickness: Ensure you're selling at least 60-pound weighted paper.
  • 2-Sided Wrap: Your brochure should offer a good selection of 2-sided wrap. Many customers prefer flexibility and convenience.
  • Unique Designs: Offering distinctive and eye-catching paper will attract more buyers.
  • Favorable Pricing: Standard gift wrap rolls should retail for an average of $8-10 a roll.

As long as people continue to deplete their wrapping paper inventory year after year, the demand for gift wrap fundraisers will continue to be high. So be sure you're offering people a broad selection of unique wrapping paper at a fair price.

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