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Why Buy Charleston Wrapping Paper?

By Clay Boggess on Aug 29, 2014
Why Buy Charleston Wrapping Paper?

Why Charleston Wrap offers the best wrapping paper.

Many prefer to buy roll wrap from a school fundraiser brochure because the quality is much better. Charleston Wrap has the largest wrapping paper selection with the most comprehensive designs and the most number of wraps embossed with texture and thickness in the fundraising industry.

They use Sullivan Paper Company which has a strong reputation as an innovative paper color and design company. Sullivan uses rotogravure presses and runs the presses slower for better coverage and sharper designs. And every standard gift wrap available in the brochure is reversible.

Types of Wrapping Paper

  1. Regular paper comes in large rolls from the mills, and the standard weight is 38-pound paper, considered lightweight. This is what you would expect to find in a regular retail store. Charleston Wrap buys a 60-pound paper. When you print on both sides and include embossing, it adds even more weight. This process costs more than the number of colors printed on the reverse side. Many companies only print one color on the reverse side to save money. Several degrees of color and coatings, such as grade 1, 2, 3, 4, C1S, or C2S, are coated on one or both sides. The lower the grade, the whiter the paper.
  2. Metalized/Foil is a foil film adhered to paper, and the heavier the paper, the better the embossing and feel. We carry eight metalized designs.
  3. Dazzle/Holographic is the most expensive wrap, and this film can be used printed or in its natural form. We only sell one design; ours is four colors printed and the least amount of footage.

Core Type Differences

  1. Coreless is the least expensive and wastes paper. The actual square footage that can be used is less because coreless manufacturers use paper for the core. The first foot of paper is rolled very tight, causing it to crease, thus making it difficult to use. Why do companies use coreless? Because it saves money, both on the core cost and shipping and storage. A coreless roll is about half the size of a roll with a standard core.
  2. Solid cores have historically been used in retail stores. There are several sizes of solid cores, 1", 2", and even 3" cores, and some are as long as 36". These are all used in retail to make the rolls look larger. Cores are expensive and take up a large amount of storage space, and since such a high percentage of wrap is now imported, coreless rolls are becoming popular in the retail market. Companies still use cores mainly because they invest significantly in equipment that will only convert rolls with solid cores. 
  3. Enviro-core, pioneered by Sullivan, is cardboard core paper stored flat and made up with the roll wrap when converted. This core material is actually recyclable, unlike a solid core, which is not.

The Largest Design Library

  1. Sullivan has one of the largest cylinder inventories in the world. Most printers only keep a limited number of cylinders and wipe them clean and engrave new designs on the old cylinders. Sullivan is one of the oldest printers and has exclusive rights to all their designs. They have private-labeled most designs for several companies, such as Sax Fifth Avenue, Steven Laurence, and Sally Foste.r Their design library is probably two or three times larger than other companies selling much more wrap. Unlike other wrap companies supplying the fundraising industry, Sullivan's primary marketplace is upscale retail stores.
  2. Innisbrook Wraps was originally a counter roll company; their primary market was to sell large rolls to stores and malls that did gift wrap in the store. They got into the fundraising business when Sally Foster left them for Sullivan many years ago. Innisbrook was Sally Foster's first supplier.
  3. Imported rolls from China are increasingly becoming a factor because of the lower cost. China does not have paper, so they must import paper from Canada and Indonesia; otherwise, their cost would be lower. Because they do not have a local paper source, they do not have immediate access to all weights of paper, which is one reason their quality is inconsistent.

Gift Wrap Assortment and Selection

Design selection is subjective, but Charleston Wrap feels that we have the best assortment due to our years of experience and the company we buy from. After the color and design, it's important to have designs from various categories, including juvenile, up-scale, traditional, trendy, birthday, and everyday. By doing virtually every design with a reverse, we feel we have the best line in fundraising.

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