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5 Easy School Fundraising Ideas

By Clay Boggess on Jul 31, 2021
5 Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Simple ways to raise funds for your school's co-curricular activities

K-12 schools across the country rely on fundraisers to supplement traditional government funding, cover co-curricular programs, or update educational equipment. Unfortunately, traditional school fundraising can fall short in meeting budget goals due to a lack of peoplepower, minimal planning, or poor products.

Here at Big Fundraising Ideas, we want your students to have the resources they need to thrive inside and outside the classroom. The new tech-savvy fundraisers of our children’s generation can overcome many of the pitfalls of traditional fundraising. Thanks to the convenience of smartphones, many modern school fundraisers can be conducted from home.

Keep reading for 5 easy school fundraising ideas that require little investment, preparation, or administrative time:

1. Grocery cards

Thanks to the community rewards program at many major grocery chains, schools can easily raise the funds they need without families spending a dime more on their monthly grocery budget.

Retailers like Kroger, Safeway, and Albertsons donate a portion of proceeds when buyers connect their rewards card to a school of their choice. Contact your local grocery store to learn more about these free community giving programs.

2. AmazonSmile

When you join AmazonSmile, you can easily generate donations during your everyday shopping. Customers simply select the school of their choice and shop. Schools can quickly get started to receive 0.5% of proceeds from participating purchases.

“Especially for frequent Amazon users (and who isn’t?), it’s an effortless way to give back to charities,” explains PTO Today. The amount raised can vary greatly depending on the size of the school community, how well families remember to designate the school as a recipient, and the time of year.

3. Box Tops for Education

Do you remember cutting the Box Tops logo from your cereal boxes and storing the cardboard clippings in a sandwich bag to take to school? The Box Tops for Education of our childhood has grown up.

Now, students and families can scan their store receipt, find participating products, and instantly add cash to their school’s earnings online. From playground equipment to library books, your school can use this money to help teachers and students get the supplies they need.

4. Shoe Recycling

A sneaker recycling drive is an easy fundraiser idea that benefits both schools and the environment. Agencies like GotSneakers, Sneakers4Funds, and Angel Bins make it socially and financially rewarding to reduce waste while raising money for a good cause with free sneaker recycling programs.

Partnering with a specialized program will help outsource the logistics and ensure that your school has the information and resources it needs to make the fundraiser a success.

5. Big Fundraising Ideas’ Online Fundraisers

Keep fundraising simple by partnering with Big Fundraising Ideas. Sell popcorn, cookie dough, candles, wrapping paper, customizable gifts, and more, completely online! Instead of asking for donations, sell products using the internet with no inventory requirements.

Expand your market to family and friends across the country using our touchless fundraisers with a built-in email generator, social media tools, and text features.


Since 1999, Big Fundraising Ideas has been helping schools nationwide raise millions. We believe superior products, more exciting prizes, and an easier ordering process create better fundraisers. With over 100 fundraising programs to choose from, we can help you find the right one for your group.

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