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How Youth Benefit from Church Group Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on Feb 21, 2014
How Youth Benefit from Church Group Fundraising

Important lessons youth learn through raising money

Building up and encouraging our youth is vital to the life blood of the church. Many youth are involved in various outreach and service activities that not only help others around them but also build character in the group members themselves.

Yet a lot of these worthwhile projects they participate in require tremendous financial support to make them possible.

Church group fundraising not only help youth organizations pay for these activities, they teach them valuable life skills as well. Here are the benefits.

Achieving a Fundraising Goal

To be successful at fundraising, an overall financial goal must be reached. Students are given an individual sales goal to accomplish within a certain time period. Achieving goals helps build confidence while preparing our youth to overcome obstacles they will face in the future.

Working as a Youth Group Team

So the group can reach its financial goal, each participant must do their part. The group’s financial objective can only happen when everyone’s committed to it. This is another way that everyone learns to work together towards a common goal.

Learning about Yourself through Selling

Sometimes striving towards their objective isn’t easy, but good sellers persist regardless. Getting out and attempting to make sales can be hard work. And to top it off, not every prospect will say yes. This is where perseverance comes into play. Student’s lives will be full of opportunities to overcome hurdles and achieve their objectives. Church group fundraisers provide just one more learning opportunity.

What other ways can raising money help build character?

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