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12 Reasons to Consider Discount Card Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on Nov 4, 2010
12 Reasons to Consider Discount Card Fundraising

Reasons to consider selling discount cards

Everybody is looking for the best way to raise money while putting the least amount of work into it. Unfortunately, most people find that in order to make money they have to invest the time and energy. Picking the right product to sell is a priority because you'll want to reach as wide a customer base as possible.

But pros and cons exist with every program, no matter what you sell. There are many brochure programs that provide some form of value to prospective buyers but are there other options that can also be even easier to manage? Perhaps selling discount cards is worth considering.

Customers Prefer a Value Buy

Ideally, if supporters purchase something, they want something in return. For example, candles are decorative and give off a nice fragrance. Kitchenware is thought of as useful. On the contrary, many items are bought simply to help the school by giving a donation. Other times, people only buy items so students can win prizes. In this case they usually they choose the lower-priced items. If used, discount cards offer an excellent return on their investment.

Why Discount Card Fundraisers are Effective

Discount cards are appealing because they not only help the school but they also benefit the buyer. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider selling discount cards:

  1. Discount cards pay for themselves after the first couple of uses.
  2. Customers save money every time they use their discount card.
  3. They allow users to experience discounts over time.
  4. Discount cards provide savings at multiple establishments.
  5. You get to choose which businesses you want on your card.
  6. Discount cards are convenient because people already frequent these businesses.
  7. The businesses on your card benefit because they receive free advertising and increased foot traffic.
  8. Your organization gets noticed based on the information placed on the front of your card.
  9. Since most discount cards cost $10.00, money collection and counting is greatly simplified.
  10. You can sell them at the same time every year to replace expired cards.
  11. Discount cards are easy to handle because they don’t break, melt or need refrigeration.
  12. They're small, light-weight and easy for people to carry.

If done properly, selling discount cards can be an excellent money maker while providing good value to your customers.

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