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Why Companies Love Cheerleader Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Aug 4, 2011
Why Companies Love Cheerleader Fundraisers

Learn what makes cheer groups so desirable to work with

Fundraising companies are always looking for ways to help groups increase the amount of money they bring in. They attempt to provide the best possible brochure to sell and the most motivational prize program.

If the group is successful, so is the company. Most will assume that the larger the group, the bigger the sale and profit. However, this is not always the case.

Here are three reasons so many companies chomp at the bit to work with cheerleader fundraiser sponsors.

Lower Fundraiser Supply Costs

Most companies provide materials like brochures and order forms to groups free of charge. However, even though these supplies are provided at no cost to the group, the company still has to pay for the materials. Therefore smaller groups like cheerleader organizations incur lower supply costs.

Higher Student Participation Rates

Cheerleader fundraisers achieve higher than average participation rates. They tend to very motivated towards reaching their goals because they typically have a lot of money to raise. Higher group participation means more company material is being utilized to make money.

It's far less economical to work with larger groups with lower participation rates because most of the material goes unused.

Cheerleaders Sell More Items

Since cheerleaders typically need to raise a lot of money, they're usually very motivated to sell. For example, one cheerleader group that sold cookie dough brought in over $7,000 with only 25 sellers. Each seller sold an average of 20 boxes of cookie dough.

In general, smaller groups average higher participation rates and items sold per seller than larger groups. Success is ultimately determined by the sponsor and what motivates its members.

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