Why Choose Our Gift Shop?

15 benefits you must read before choosing a holiday shop


Over 115 high quality gift items are perfectly priced for a child’s budget. Students can purchase items for as low as $0.25 or as much as $10. 85% of our gifts are under $5.00. We offer personalized gifts for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, teacher, pet, friends, toddler and baby.


  1. A family owned business since 1976. We’re extremely proud to have been chosen by thousands of volunteers who have placed their trust in us!
  2. Our quality gifts set us apart. We’re the only supplier who designs 100% of our items & packaging. In addition, we buy direct from the manufacturers to keep our prices low for a child’s budget.
  3. Safety tested. All children’s items and jewelry have been tested and meet or exceed the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).
  4. New merchandise selection every year. We offer a complete new line of merchandise every year. We will not send you 50 new items and the rest closeouts or fundraising overstocks.
  5. Risk-Free. All merchandise is on consignment. Return unsold merchandise, no freight charges, no hidden cost. Pay after your sale is over.
  6. Gift Certificates. A great option if a family prefers to use a credit card instead of sending their child to school with cash. In addition, they can email family members to sponsor their child.
  7. Free UPS Next Day Air Reorders. We allow you to place one reorder every day of your sale! Most other gift shops restrict the number of reorders.
  8. Custom Chairperson Website. 24/7 easy online access. View everything online including starting inventory, tracking, re-ordering and invoicing. You’ll have access to all support materials anytime.
  9. Price Coded Merchandise. No more looking up the price of each item over & over again.
  10. Cash Register App. Make checkout 3x faster. Available for Apple: iPhone, iPad, iTouch; Android and web based which will work on any computer, tablet or smart phone. Optional: Credit card processing.
  11. Free Supplies. Posters, Parent Letters (English/Bilingual), Budget Envelopes, How-To- Manual, Tablecloths, Pre-priced tent cards, gift bags and more.
  12. Pictures of our items makes it easy. Pre-priced tent cards, box inventory sheets, closing sale sheet all have pictures of our items to make: set up, shopping and closing your sale easy.
  13. $5.00 Merchandise Guarantee. Our I.O.U. system is backed by a $5.00 guarantee to make sure every child will have exactly what they want for the holidays.
  14. 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. If a gift is damaged, broken or a parent isn’t happy for any reason we will replace it or refund the child’s purchase at any time.
  15. Set your own profit. Earn 10%, 20% or more profit by setting your own prices. Plus, choose an early sign up bonus.