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How to Use Parent Night to Leverage Your Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on Jun 9, 2015
How to Use Parent Night to Leverage Your Fundraiser

One great way to motivate parents to sell

Most sponsors wait until the kickoff presentation to announce their fundraiser. This seems to be the norm. Unfortunately no one hears a word about it in advance. Yet some schools experience better sales results than others. Why?

Because they take advantage of 3 key time periods in which to promote their sale. One is before the kickoff. This helps build suspense and anticipation. The second is at the kickoff meeting. And the third is during the sale. This helps keep the sale going strong after the initial momentum’s been created at the kickoff.

Your parent night presents a great opportunity to introduce your fundraiser before the kickoff. Here are some things to think about.

Plan to Have a General Parent Meeting

Depending on the format used, many school open houses allow parents to wander on their own from room to room and don’t usually meet as a large group. However, make sure you have a time where you can have everyone together for a general meeting. This provides you the opportunity to present your fundraiser one time to a large captive audience.

We provide a promotional video that works extremely well for those schools who use a big event fundraising prize program.

Discuss Your School Fundraiser Goals

This is your opportunity to sell your program to your parents. They’ll want to know how you plan to use the money. What’s involved, and how much selling will each student need to make in order to reach your goal?

You’ll also want to leave some time for questions and answers. Once you’ve presented your fundraiser, some parents may have questions that others will also want to know the answers to. This give you a chance to clear up any potential issues or concerns. Make sure you’re prepared and are able to anticipate what questions may come up before your parent night.

What About Incorporating Parent Rewards?

Since your parents will be doing most of the selling, it stands to reason that offering incentives might be a good idea. Your back to school night meeting gives you the opportunity to motivate your parents just like the kickoff meeting will with your students. You may want to offer a $100 shopping spree, or dinner for two for the most orders turned in.

Done properly, your parent night meeting will only augment the effects of your student kickoff assembly.

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