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Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas to Get Kids Involved

By Clay Boggess on Feb 28, 2017
Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas to Get Kids Involved

Find the best fundraisers that get kids involved in their community

When it comes to fundraising, it isn’t always easy getting kids involved. But as a parent, you want to encourage your child’s compassionate drive, even at a young age. When kids invest time in fundraising, they start developing important skills.

They learn what they can achieve with hard work and the value of helping others. The trick is finding the perfect fundraising idea that will rally both parents and kids around your cause.

If you want to appeal to kids, you need to make sure your school fundraising ideas are exciting, but easy enough to understand.

And if you want to appeal to parents, you need to make sure that your ideas are safe.

Fundraising Ideas That Kids & Parents Will Love

Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt of simple acts of kindness that even kids can do. Advertise the fundraising event to children and their families, asking for a small donation to participate. To make it easy for participants, create a map and a checklist. That way, they can mark off their random acts of kindness as they go. Examples may include writing their teachers thank-yous or smiling at five strangers.

Community Clean Up

You can teach kids the importance of keeping our environment healthy by showing them how they can help. If your local park, beach, or river is littered with trash, use it as a teaching moment. Host a fundraising event for kids and their families. Ask participants to secure pledge of a specific dollar amount for each pound of trash they pick up.

Letter Writing

Inspire a letter writing campaign for kids. Parents love this idea because it is easy to organize and teaches kids that through a little hard work they can make a difference. Kids can volunteer to write letters to local companies seeking donations for the charity of their choice. All you need is to provide pens, paper, envelopes, and stamps.

Kid’s Art Exhibition

Organize an event for kids to unleash their creativity. Ask kids in your community to submit their artwork for a show. Encourage them to explore with new mediums like paper-mâché or photography. Then advertise the event to the community, asking for a donation as an entrance fee. Consider asking local restaurants or businesses to provide refreshments and snacks for your fundraising event.

Any Kind of “A-Thon”

Hosting an “a-thon” is a sure way to get kids involved. From jogging to reading to dancing, kids tend to get excited about participating in an event, especially with their friends. Ask kids to seek out sponsors that will donate a certain amount for each lap they run or for every 50 pages they read.

Bag Groceries

An easy fundraising idea for kids is to bag groceries at your local market for donations. It doesn’t take a lot to set up and it doesn’t require any extra supplies, except a jar to collect the funds. Make sure to get permission from the grocery store, and pick a day to hold the event. Have the kids pick their favorite nonprofit to gift the funds to at the end of the day.

Go Green

A fun way to encourage kids to think green is to arrange a fundraising event to decorate reusable bags. When advertising for the event, ask community members to bring in their boring reusable bags. Then with a small donation, they can watch the kids give their bags a whole new look.

Greeting Cards

Whether it’s a loved one’s birthday or you want to wish a friend well after surgery, there is always a need for greeting cards. And greeting cards made by kids tend to be cuter than a store-bought card. Make sure to provide card making materials like markers and paper. Then you can sell them for donations via your online fundraiser or in person at events like your local school sports game.

Make Pet Toys or Beds

Gather old clothes like blankets and jeans and reuse them for a new purpose. Have your kids and their friends make dog and cat toys out of whatever supplies you have. With a little creativity, you can sew together a toy that any pet will love. Or make a comfy pet pet. Sell them for donations at a community event. This is the perfect idea if you’re raising funds for a local animal shelter.

Garden Variety

Help your kids develop their green thumb. Purchase some low-cost pots and seeds for your kids and their friends to plant. Show the kids how to water them every day and watch the flowers grow. Then, once the flowers are in full bloom sell them as bouquets for donations to your fundraiser.

Use this list of kid-friendly fundraising ideas to enhance your crowdfunding campaign or boost your PTA fundraising efforts.

Guest Author Bio: Paige Kutilek is an associate content manager at YouCaring. Her writing is focused on the crowdfunding industry and other related topics. She strives to create content that helps people, especially during times of hardship.

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