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Top School Fundraising Blog Posts of 2017

By Clay Boggess on Nov 29, 2017
Top School Fundraising Blog Posts of 2017

Check out what school fundraising insights our fans loved most this year

Big Fundraising Ideas brought our followers more content than ever in 2017, featuring practical insights about fundraising, family and education. We also brought you guest voices from partners and thought leaders from around the fundraising industry.

If you didn’t catch all the great weekly articles this year, we’ve recapped a few of our audience favorites from the year. If these pique your interest, you can read best in class ideas year-round on the Big Fundraising Ideas blog.

Tips for Talking to Kids About School Fundraisers

As partners in the fundraising process, we realize that, while students play a major role in fundraising, they don’t necessarily understand the important role that a school fundraiser plays in facilitating their education. This blog gives parents a guide for discussing the philanthropic aspects of a school fundraiser with their child, providing practical tips such as using visual aids and asking probing questions that help them process their thoughts and feelings

Spotlight: Super Party Big Event

Big Event Prize programs are doubtlessly one of the best ways to increase school fundraising profits, because they allow more students to get rewarded with a lower “barrier to entry” in the form of smaller item requirements. The Super Party is a crowd favorite, because it’s an all-out funfest that incentivizes major sales. In this post, we featured one of our most popular Big Events and shared about the many benefits of making the switch to an event-based prize program.

School Fundraisers and the Needs They Meet

It’s no surprise that public education systems can’t always make ends meet, but what does that practically mean for our students and children? This blog helps put the need in tangible terms, and outlines some of the key ways that school fundraisers lead to better outcomes in our communities. More money means more opportunities for enrichment, more basic supplies and more cognitive development through activities and play.

How to Integrate Online Registration & Mobile Bidding into School Fundraising

Fundraising events can be stressful enough without the added logistical hassle of managing registration through cumbersome paper forms. With more people living life through their smartphones, fundraisers have an opportunity to meet their audience on a familiar medium and consolidate tedious tasks into streamlined mobile processes. This guest blog talks you through some of the benefits of the latest mobile fundraising tech and how it can elevate your fundraising results while reducing time spent on menial tasks.

4 Tips for Writing a Strong Fundraising Letter

Fundraising letters have remained a staple component of annual giving campaigns. Whether you’re a large nonprofit or a small grassroots organization, the donor letter is an efficient way to powerfully convey your message to a large audience for a low cost. This blog outlines some of the most important components of writing an effective fundraising letter that will engage donors, make them feel appreciated, and connect them to your mission and vision.

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