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3 Free School Fundraising Ideas that Get Results

By Clay Boggess on Sep 8, 2018
3 Free School Fundraising Ideas that Get Results

3 practical ways to top fundraiser results

We all know what it means when someone says, “there’s little reward without some risk”. And perhaps that’s one reason many sponsors end up not adding extra incentives to their school fundraiser to try to encourage more selling. They’re just not convinced that they'll get a good return on their investment.

So, is there a way that they know for sure whether the money they’re investing will ultimately pay off? This can be a hard hurdle to overcome for many sponsors. They prefer to play it safe. If you’re also concerned about this, you can actually incorporate incentives that won't cost you anything. In other words, reward without the risk. Here are 3 easy school fundraising ideas you can use without blowing your budget.

1. Get School Staff Involved

The only risk here is putting some effort into reaching out to some key people that can help you leverage your sale.

  • At your kickoff meeting, ask the principal to introduce your sale and stress its importance. Make sure they also do the closing remarks.
  • Plan a meeting with the school faculty prior to the start of your kickoff to gain their support. Tell them how everyone will benefit from the proceeds.
  • Convince the principal to do something fun that will motivate the students to want to sell more. If the school reaches your fundraising goal, have the principal:
    • Kiss a pig
    • Get a pie in the face
    • Wear their pajamas to school
    • Spend the day on the roof
    • Well you get the idea…

2. Promote Your Sale Continuously

During your daily announcements, ask your sellers the following questions:

  • “Who's already sold a couple of items or more?”
  • “How many of you have already picked out a specific prize that you want to win?”
  • “Who's already half-way to their sales goal?”
  • “How many of you have already meet or even surpassed your sales goal?”
  • “Who plans to be the top seller?”

3. Use Additional Fundraising Prizes

During the sale
Have your students turn in prize drawing coupons every time they sell 5 items out of their brochure. Here are some no-cost incentive ideas for the winners:

  • ‘Line Leader’ for the Day
  • ‘Classroom Leader’ for the Day
  • ‘Office Monitor’ for the Day
  • ‘Door Monitor’ for the Day
  • ‘Free Dress Day’ Pass
  • ‘Extra Recess Time’ Pass
  • ‘No Homework for a Day’ Pass
  • Help with Daily Announcements
  • ‘Sit Where You Want’ Pass
  • Free Library Pass

You can also make a fun poster where students can sign it once they’ve sold ‘x’ items.

After the sale
Once the sales results are in, reward your top performers:

  • Your top 10 sellers get to have a special lunch with the principal.
  • Your top seller can be principal for a day.
  • Anyone who sells 25 or more items gets invited to a Pizza Party.
  • Top Seller, Top 3 Sellers or Top Seller/Grade Prizes (Get your local store to donate these prizes. Many retailers have budget allotments for school assistance and donations.)
  • Sell 10 items to get into a DJ Dance Party (Ask the principal to be the DJ)

What additional ideas do you have that can help your school achieve top fundraising results?

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