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3 Things You Forgot to Ask Your Fundraiser Company

By Clay Boggess on Apr 10, 2015
3 Things You Forgot to Ask Your Fundraiser Company

Make sure to ask these 3 questions before you sign up

There’s more to selecting a fundraiser than deciding on which brochure offers the largest variety of merchandise, or even which one offers the most items under a certain price.

While some groups focus their attention on the quality of the sales brochure, others feel that they should work with a company that offers them the highest profit percent.

While these items should be considered, there are other things that organizations fail to find out about when deciding on a fundraiser. Groups that already know the right questions to ask usually end up saving themselves many unforeseen headaches.

Here are 3 things that many groups forget to ask their fundraiser company.

1. Do They Send Presorted Fundraising Packets?

You feel prepared and ready to start of your sale. Your company said that they would send you your supplies about a week before your kickoff date. You’re then notified by your school that you’ve received some boxes.

As you open your first box it finally dawns on you. As you look inside you see lots of brochures. You open up the next box and find even more. Your prize brochures, order forms and student envelopes are also in separate boxes. What just happened? Unfortunately, everything was shipped bulk. Now you have to do your own collating and envelope stuffing.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you ask your fundraiser company how they ship their supplies. Some companies don’t offer a prepacking service while other do. Companies that do provide student fundraising packets for their customers will usually put the following 4 items inside:

  1. Personalized Parent Information Letter
  2. Sales Brochure
  3. Prize Brochure
  4. Order Form

2. How Will They Help Your Fundraiser Succeed?

Many fundraising companies are more concerned with how many groups they can sign up than helping the ones they have maximize their overall experience. Make sure you ask them to show you how they plan to guide you through the process. What types of sales tools will you receive? And just as important, what level of service do you hope to receive. This is where you should ask for references.

3. Will There Be Any Unexpected Company Costs?

You should definitely inquire about any unforeseen costs. Will you have to pay for any prizes and will there be a cost associated with the shipping? Many companies have minimum order requirements that may impact your bottom line.

Before you decide on your next fundraiser company, make sure you think of any questions that may be relevant to your specific situation. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

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