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Make Money Selling Discount Cards in Supermarkets

By Clay Boggess on Dec 12, 2014
Make Money Selling Discount Cards in Supermarkets

Why the grocery store is ideal for selling discount cards

You can make money selling discount cards over a weekend when supermarkets are at their busiest. To use this idea to its maximum potential, you may need to invest a little of your profit. What you invest can pay huge dividends however, as long as you follow the plan. Choose any individual supermarket or chain with multiple locations in your market area. Let them know that your organization would like to purchase $100 in groceries from them for one of their customers. Get permission from the store managers to set up a table in their store over the same weekend.

Have promotional flyers printed out and give them to everyone that enters the store. It's important that you reach them as they come in. As you hand people the flyer, you'll want to say, “Please read this before you leave the store. It could save you lots of money this next year, and you might win $100 in free groceries.”

Place large posters that say, “Sign up here for $100 in free groceries!” in front of your tables.

How Discount Card Supermarket Selling Works

Have each person who comes to the table print their name and phone number on the back of their grocery register receipt and deposit it in a box. When the contest period is over, place all of the receipts together and draw one name out. Purchase a gift certificate from the store for $100 and give it to the winner. This could extend over two or three weekends. Of course, you would give away only one major prize.

In many cases the store will actually give you a discount on the certificate because you're promoting their store.

The curiosity and enthusiasm you can generate with this plan can be phenomenal. What you're doing is exposing your discount card fundraiser to a large group of people and also giving them a reason to buy your card on the spot. This plan can be modified to fit your circumstances.

4 Keys to Discount Card Sales Success

  1. Approach everyone entering the store with enthusiasm.
  2. Have adequate help at the table to sell cards and take register receipts.
  3. Be at the location during all of the peak times on the weekend. Most supermarkets are busy Thursday evening, late Friday and all day Saturday.
  4. By following this plan you have created an attentive audience in which to sell your discount cards

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