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How Super Party Incentives Improve Fundraiser Sales

By Clay Boggess on Nov 25, 2013
How Super Party Incentives Improve Fundraiser Sales

What super parties do for school fundraisers

Schools that have done a brochure sale to raise money have probably heard complaints about the prizes from their parents. Students are initially excited, especially when they see the seemingly bigger and harder to reach prizes on the prize brochure; however most are disappointed once they receive their actual prize.

Traditional prize programs have developed a reputation over the years for delivering lower quality prizes. As a result, many schools that have grown tired of the negative feedback are looking for viable alternatives.

Big Event Super Party prize programs improve fundraiser sales because students are more motivated to sell to go to a party than to win a prize. As a result, more schools are using a party incentive for their next fundraiser than ever before.

Is the Super Party Right for our School?

Before considering a super party incentive for your school you may want to ponder the following questions:

  • What is our enrollment?
  • What are our previous brochure sales?
  • How can we determine our potential sales?

We typically offer the super party to schools with 300 or more students. Most of our schools that use a Big Event prize program bring in at least $20,000 in retail sales. Yet, even if your history hasn’t been very strong, we have found that your sales can still improve with the super party.

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How Much Money Can We Raise?

Determining whether you have the potential to bring in enough sales is easy. Simply use the following formula:

  • (Your school enrollment) x 8 items x $12
    • 8 items is each seller’s goal to get into the super party
    • $12 is the average retail price in a brochure
  • Realize that some will sell more and some will sell less than 8 items

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