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Spotlight: Lil Shopper’s Shoppe

By Clay Boggess on Oct 11, 2017
Spotlight: Lil Shopper’s Shoppe

Host a hip onsite fundraiser with this fresh money-raising idea

Year after year, schools find great success with traditional product and brochure fundraising programs. These tried-and-true methods are great ways to raise the money schools need to help students reach their goals.

Still, schools often come to us looking for something different to breathe new life into the fundraising tradition, and one of our most unique solutions is the Lil Shopper’s Shoppe fundraising program. This turnkey fundraiser is an engaging fall fundraising idea with unparalleled interaction and fun for students and parents alike.

What is the Lil Shopper’s Shoppe Fundraiser?

The Lil Shopper’s Shoppe fundraising program is essentially a “pop-up shop” that you run right from the hallways of your school. It features affordable, customizable merchandise that students can purchase as gifts for family, friends and teachers.

This fundraising program is unique, because it engages students as customers. Students will learn lessons about budgeting and value while helping their school meet essential fundraising needs. Parents send students to school with one of the flexible means of payment, and students redeem their cash or gift certificates for merchandise.

What types of items are available?

This fundraising program includes quality items such as jewelry, mugs, pens, plaques and toys. These items are designed to be accessible and personal gifts that students can conveniently purchase for the holidays. The breadth of options ensures that nearly every student will find the perfect gifts through this holiday-themed fundraising program.

How much set up is required for this fundraiser?

With a couple of tables and a place to securely store merchandise, you’re ready to go. This package is complete with pre-priced tent cards, pre-coded merchandise, and even has the option of a decorating kit.

How do I let people know about this fundraiser?

This fundraising program includes a parent letters (also available in Spanish), budget envelopes, and posters, as well as a 24/7 chairperson website. The full suite of marketing materials makes it easier than every to advertise this unique fundraising opportunity without the added work of making custom fliers and marketing material.

How do we take payment?

As fundraisers go, checks, cash and order forms can get a little unwieldy. This fundraising program offers many great options in addition to traditional payment methods, including pre-purchased gift certificates that parents can send with students to spend, as well as a “cash register” app for the increasing popularity of card-based payment.

How much profit can we make?

That’s up to you! Goal setting and evaluating past fundraising performance can be a helpful exercise in determining the best price point. You can mark up items 10-20% to set prices that will most appeal to your student body.

The Lil Shopper’s Shoppe is a complete suite of fundraising essentials with a new twist on the sales approach. If your school is looking to do something a little bit different this year, consider the Shoppe as an engaging option for your fall fundraiser.

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