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6 School Fundraising Ideas with Social Impact

By Clay Boggess on Mar 12, 2022
6 School Fundraising Ideas with Social Impact

School fundraising ideas that also benefit the community

Many people are more interested in school fundraising activities when there is some social impact to earning money for important causes. We are here to help!

Here are some school fundraising ideas that will add some value to the community and help you stop agonizing about what to do to fund some of your more beloved school programs. Surely something here will inspire you!

1. Teddy Bear Collect-a-thon

Have people “pay to play” – they bring new or gently-used teddy bears to school and pay $5 for each teddy bear they contribute. The money will go to your school and the collected teddy bears can go to a local children’s hospital, homeless shelter, or local school serving underprivileged kids. It’s a great way for your school to adopt another school!

2. Create a Wall Mural With Handprints

Another “pay to play” school fundraising idea allows different levels of giving. This will require someone with art skills to design a mural that can be first traced onto a blank wall and then filled in with handprints by contributors.

Some ideas include trees with handprints serving as leaves, or the school mascot colored in with handprints. Contributors will dip their hand in paint, place their hand on the wall, and then sign their name under the print. You can charge less for less noticeable areas, more for more prominent areas, or charge extra for the signature.

3. Sell Healthy Snacks

No selling junk here! There are plenty of ways to get a snack fix without compromising good health with these healthy snack fundraiser ideas. You’ll be earning money while contributing to the well-being of your fellow students.

4. Capitalize on School Pride!

Nothing beats promoting your school spirit with sustainable and reusable tumblers with your school mascot on them. And you have options when it comes to selling your tumbler. School fundraising catalogs are the most familiar method, but did you know that you can also feature your custom tumbler on your online store?

Or, if you’d rather people see the quality of your tumbler before they buy, you can order them up front and put them into your sellers hands to show. This is the type of product that can really hit home on the importance of enhancing school pride and spirit throughout your community.

5. Have a Walk-to-School-A-Thon

In a previous article we shared 20 fun and easy school fundraising ideas, including the well-known walk-a-thon. Here's a slight variation of that.

You can make a school fundraising event out of simply walking to school and back. This is best made into a one-day event in the spring or fall, with a back-up date just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. People will collect money for every mile they walk to school (doubling that by walking home!). Students can get specific donation commitments from friends and family.

This promotes a healthy habit and socialization as kids walk to school with friends and family (and maybe the family dog), and the gas savings will help wallets everywhere – and help the environment!

6. Guess Who’s Pet

One more “pay to play” event – have teachers or much-respected school officials (coaches, principals, etc.) bring in pictures of their pets, leaving all names off of them. The pet pictures will be numbered and mounted on a board displayed in a public area. People will “pay” to try to guess which pet belongs to which teacher.

It’s fun to finally learn the correct pairings, and even funnier when the votes are tallied for how people thought the pairings should be! Whoever guesses the most correct pairings wins a special prize!

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