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Shipping Guidelines

Shipping Guidelines

We will not charge a shipping fee as long as you meet the following requirements based on the size of your group:

Groups of up to 99 participants

If you sell 150 or more items, there is no shipping charge. A $100 shipping and handling fee for orders with fewer than 150 items sold will be charged.

Groups with 100 or more participants

Shipping is free if your group averages $20 or more in retail sales per enrolled participant. (Since the average price of an item listed in a typical brochure is about $14, that is less than two items per enrolled participant.)

Ave. Retail Sales / Enrolled Shipping Fee
$0-$9.99 $1 / Enrolled
$10-$14.99 75¢ / Enrolled
$15-$19.99 50¢ / Enrolled
$20+ No Charge

A quick way to determine your average retail sales per enrolled participant is to divide your total sales by your group enrollment. Consider the following two examples.

If your group raises:

  1. $2,500 with 150 participants, your average retail sales per enrolled participant would be $16.67. You would be charged 50¢ x 150 = $75 (See chart above).
  2. $3,500 with 150 participants, your average retail sales per enrolled participant would be $23.33. You would not be charged a shipping fee because you reached $20 per enrolled participant.

Another way is to multiply $20 by your enrollment number. So, if you have 150 participants, your shipping would be free if your retail sales are $3,000 or more (150 participants x $20 items/participant).

Keep in mind that many sellers will sell more than two items while others may not sell at all. You shouldn't incur a shipping fee if your group averages two or more items sold per enrolled participant.

NOTE: Brochure and online sales count towards the minimum free shipping requirement. Donations are not items and do not count towards meeting free shipping requirements.

Shipping Terms

Orders are packed in the order received. Orders are scheduled to be delivered within 3-4 weeks after receipt of order forms. Delivery dates and times are not guaranteed. Deliver-by-request dates must be discussed and approved but are not guaranteed.

Any shipping fees are added to the invoice. An extra fee may be charged for a liftgate, inside delivery, or delivery to a residential address. Inside delivery means your order will be brought inside and placed close to the door (if possible). The freight company will not break down pallets. You should plan to have volunteers to assist.

Standard delivery is contracted through a common carrier. Shipments will arrive on the date specified, barring any unforeseen events. The exact times are not guaranteed.

Late orders not received to be added to the first order will not count towards the free shipping minimum order requirements. The group will also be responsible for any late order shipping fees.

Big Fundraising Ideas is not responsible for products not stored properly.